Types of Wood Closet Organizer Systems

If you are tired of your closet looking like a mess, there is always an option for closet organization. In selecting a closet organizer, there are several types to choose from. You may consider color, styles and even materials such as metal, wire and plastic.

Perhaps the best high quality and functional option is a wood closet. Wooden organizers give your closet that much need TLC. Wood closet systems can be made from several real and engineered wood materials. Some are more desirable than others so you need to be on the lookout so you know the difference and realize exactly what your buying.


1. Solid Wood - The best and most expensive option is of course 100% solid wood. This can be from one of several real wood options that includes, pine, oak, cedar, maple, cherry and birch to name a few. Solid wood closet organizer systems are the most costly because of the harvesting process and the defect free selection process of the wood.

2. Particle Board - Particle board also known as fiberboard is an engineered pressed wood product usually covered in laminate and is the least expensive wood material used in wood closets. This product is composed of scrap wood pieces and saw dust but is made to look like real solid wood.

The only downside to particle board is it’s weak nature in a damp environment. To combat this problem a manufacturer will often glue a plastic laminate product like melamine to the surface. Particle board closet organizers are usually sold as do it yourself kits and can be found at any home improvement retailer.

3. MDF - Medium density fiberboard is a very popular engineered wood product that you will find in everything from closet systems to TV stands. MDF as it is referred to is very dense and heavier than particleboard as it is made from wood scrap and resin.

MDF is often used due to it’s inexpensive and abundance in the market. Manufacturers will often use a laminate like Melamine to attach to the outside of MDF for added strength and durability. Closet organization systems made from this type of wood can be found at home improvement stores and online retailers worldwide.

4. Melamine - Melamine closet systems usually contain either particle board or MDF with a melamine laminate to mimic the look of real wood grain.

5. Plywood - Plywood closet organizers are nothing more than multiple layers of wood glued together. These wood closet organizer systems are less common than MDF or particleboard and can cost up to 80% more. You will only find a few closet companies offering plywood.


Wood Reach in closet organizers are simple and easy to assemble in most situations. You can purchase from a retailer or custom closet company in any finish you like. You can also opt to purchase unfinished and finish yourself should you choose real wood. If you choose to buy a kit then you are looking at an MDF or particleboard wood system.


Wood walk in closets are not only gorgeous and functional but add value to the home. They come in kits or can be custom built to your specifications by a custom closet company. Wood closets can also be purchased unfinished so you have the luxury of finishing it yourself to your liking. There are several companies to choose from but I will discuss them below.


Freestanding closets are ideal for those with very low to almost no closet space. If you have the need for extra wardrobe closets then freestanding is your best bet. They typically house shoes, hanging items and pull out racks and drawers. Freestanding wood closets come in a couple of options, ready made and customizable.


The following is a list of custom wood closet organizer brand names and the links to their online websites:

John Louis Home - Click Here
Elfa Closets - Click Here
Solid Wood Closets - Click Here
California Closets - Click Here

The availability of wooden closet organization ideas is limitless. You can find them at furniture shops, made-to-order shops, department stores, online and offline outfits. They tend to be pricey due to the factors like the type of timber used, whether customized and laminated. Still they are very attractive and classy, truly one of a kind.

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