Why Wardrobe Closets & Storage Furniture Can Benefit You

If your like me and don’t have a walk in closet in your bedroom then you are probably in desperate need for some extra storage space. Why not consider the purchase of a wardrobe armoire, most commonly referred to as wardrobe closets. These storage closets typically have two doors that open allowing you to store your clothes on a rod with shelving or drawers that are concealed inside.

If it is extra closet storage you seek then a wardrobe closet armoire can get you going in the right direction. To get to the bottom of wardrobe storage you have to first know where it originated from.

Closet Wardrobe History

The first freestanding wardrobe armoire was simply called a “wardrobe” and it looked like what we consider to be a chest of drawers today. As time went by “wardrobes” were owned by only the rich and wealthy and used to store armor and weapons. It then transformed from a one drawer unit into a full fledged room with built in shelving which was called a “wardrobe room“.

The wardrobe room consisted of everything from clothing and accessories to various personal items. Closet wardrobes then became a built in part of rooms with the front protruding out from the wall.

Some older style homes still covet this style but most have moved onto what we call wardrobe storage cabinets.

The wardrobe storage cabinet has become a part of everyday culture in most homes these days ranging from beautiful solid oak wood to less appealing portable fabric models.

What Do They Consist Of

Most furniture storage comes equipped with a shelf to store shirts, sweaters, shoes or other folded items. They can also come in a variety of finishes including maple, cherry or mahogany as well as a plethora of door options such as mirrored and frosted doors for better appeal. Some wardrobe armoires are 2 door and some are 3 door so you have a host of options to choose from depending on your needs and wants.

“The beauty of wood is never lost”

Wood Wardrobes

The wood wardrobe cabinet speaks volumes to any room in not only the storage and organization aspect but also its sheer appeal. The decoration alone is worth it but to have extra closet organization and storage space is a plus. However all cabinets are not created equal. Some are created out of particle board which is an engineered composite of nothing more than leftover sawdust (glued together). You will find that many of your wood furniture pieces today are particle board.

Ameriwood wardrobe armoire

Photo by Ameriwood.com

I love this Wood armoire wardrobe closet by Ameriwood
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Some are made of plywood which is very desirable and flexible making it durable and moisture resistant.

  • Wood veneers are very popular and the most expensive but some look better than others and it all depends on the cut.
  • Plane cut” is the most desirable looking cut as it has the real natural wood grain look considering it is cut lengthwise.
  • Rotary cut” is the least expensive and less attractive looking wood veneer.

Wardrobe Companies

1.Sauder - Features an Oregon oak finish and 2 door cabinets with drawers, rod, and shelves on their wardrobe cabinets.

2.Ameriwood - Feature 30-48 inch wardrobes, up to 3 door and 3 drawers with your choice of white or cherry finish. Brushed nickel accents and rod, shelving and drawers internally.

3.Prepac - Features the Elite storage line for any home storage area including laundry room, bedroom, utility area, kitchen, mudroom and garage.

4.Ikea - Feature 2 and 3 door and drawer cabinets with various finishes available including white, espresso and oak or cherry. IKEA wardrobe closets are very modern and sleek, extremely popular.

5.Diversified Woodcrafts - Features include oak veneers and solid hardwoods construction with multiple shelving and and 2 door units. Rods and drawers are available as well.

Portable Closets

The portable wardrobe closets or garment racks as they are often referred to are typically freestanding and sit on rollers.

These are  another type of wardrobe furniture that one can invest in to help minimize clutter and maximize storage space where there is none. They are excellent seasonal storage options for those with limited space.

They also make great storage for college students who need some dorm room storage. While these are not always the sturdiest of closet organization ideas they are worth their respective money.

I will say that you get what you pay for so take that into consideration. Wardrobe storage closets are made by numerous companies that offer similar styles and quality. Here are a few companies that lead the industry in portable wardrobe storage.

Get your hands on a portable wardrobe closet like the one above
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1. Whitmor - They feature added wire support to their garment storage racks that allow a sturdier option especially for the 60in extra wide portable closet. Their portable armoire contains heavy duty plastic connectors and a clear view window to easily see items.

2. Honey-Can-Do - Offers the convenience of two D-style zipper doors and breathable fabric to keep clothes fresh. They also feature nine pocket shoe storage and sturdy rustproof steel frame.

3. Trademark Home - Their features include two style storage -hanging and stacking; Extra thick non-woven cover and steel frame with breathable covers, zippered front and velcro closure.  Depending on the style and make of your armoire will decide if it needs to be put together.

The more expensive brands are going to be a heavier duty wood selection rather than your lightweight plastic, fabric or faux wood. You may choose to purchase one from a furniture store and have them deliver the item already assembled.

Custom Wardrobes

 The wardrobe custom closets that you MAY be interested in purchasing will come in a number of sizes. There are small and large portable wardrobe closets to allow for an expanding wardrobe or simply for extra clothing. If you have a walk in closet then it could be built into your existing room.

Once you have the wardrobe designs all figured out and assembled, you will simply need to have the hangers ready to begin hanging your clothes up. This is a good idea for keeping in a guest room when someone is only visiting on occasion.


The class and charm of an antique wardrobe speaks volumes to any who witness it by it’s classy beauty and elegant stance. Today’s wardrobes are lacking in character in my opinion but not everyone agrees. However if you ever lay eyes on an antique armoire in person im betting you will feel the way I do.

Antique Asian Wardrobe Closet

photo by Silk Road Collection

While today’s craftsmanship can be quite good nothing compares to the work of antique wood cabinets. The market is huge for antique furniture wardrobes and you are in essence preserving history and natural resources by possessing one.

The growing demand of antique and vintage wardrobe closets has caused new pieces of furniture to be replicated to look like old styles. Nothing speaks more to the history and character like replication. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Shopping Tips

  • When you shop from the bigger stores that deal in mass quantities such as Walmart, you run the risk of the wardrobe design being damaged during shipping however they are usually good about rectifying such an issue. The portable closets also run the risk of missing pieces that are essential to putting the them together.
  • How many times have you ordered something to put together only to not have everything you need? If you are missing pieces, you will need to contact the store immediately and have them get you the replacement pieces. If they do not have any more left, you will then have to contact the manufacturer who will be able to ship the missing parts.

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