How To Get The Perfect Walk In Closet

A walk in closet is one of the greatest luxury amenities that one can have in their house in this modern age. It really just shouts, “I have it made” from the top of the balcony for everyone to hear.

Even more so, it is such a pleasure to actually be able to walk in to your closet and look around 360 degrees at all your outfit choices.

You have the luxury of installing everything from a full length mirror so that you can try stuff on without having to walk out of the closet to decorative closet lighting to not only give you sufficient light but also to add some ambiance.

Then it really becomes a closet and dressing room all in one. That is certainly the ideal walk in closet design in my opinion.


But how does one first start to implement their plans for walk-in closets in the first place? You can’t merely snap your fingers and have it appear. You will want to figure out more precisely how the closet will be laid out.

Closet designers are good to turn to for this knowledge, but you can also consult friends who have a walk-in closet. Look through magazine spreads, photos and schematics posted on the Internet. Feel free to draw inspiration from absolutely anywhere you can find it (I like Celebrity Closets).

Pinterestis awesome for this sort of thing. You can find styles upon styles of closets to find layout designs.

jlh closet system


If you have a decent size closet already then you just need the added accessories to complete your design. If a build out is needed you must hire an architect or closet designer from a reputable design company to assess your situation.

He or she will have to decide if or how to make it happen in construction terms. If you already have a large walk in closet then maybe you just need some closet organization tips and techniques to get you started.


Custom closets can be built to exact specifications, determined by exactly what is needed. If you are using it for an office, you may want to consider having ventilation or natural lighting installed.

Whereas if it is simply a dressing room, you may want an open floor area with stand up mirrors for you to dress in front of. Consider having closet drawers installed for your shoes, as well as racks and hooks to hang jewelry from.

Walk-in closets designed by contracting companies are often sufficient, but if you need to, feel free to ask them to incorporate some of your own features and designs into the plans.

Some of more your upscale and luxury closet organizers are going to be as large as some peoples bedrooms, and while this isn’t always necessary, if you have the room in the house, and are going to be spending larger sums of money on the construction project, then you may as well have the extra luxury amenities installed for you to enjoy down the road.


Some of these luxury amenities include things like heated floors, non fluorescent lighting, and even perks such as revolving clothing racks that will help you select the perfect outfit. These celebrity style closets do add to the final cost of the project, as stated, if you have the money and want to live like a celebrity, than why not have a celebrities walk in closet as well?


closetmaid closet system

Before you can start throwing your clothing into the closet you must install a closet organizer system. This includes but is not limited to shelving, drawers, storage cubes, hanging rods, wire systems or all of the above. Decide where the closet rods, shelving and organizers are going to go so you have optimal storage space. Brand name closet systems such as Rubbermaid and

ClosetMaid have do it you yourself closet organization systems  that are easy to install. If you want a more custom and elegant look try Solid Wood Closets Inc or California Closets to get a more custom wood feel. NOTE: (These systems are more expensive but will increase the resale value of your home).


If there are two of you utilizing the same closet space then designate one side for him and the other for her. She will need more shoe space and storage so opt of perhaps shoe racks, storage cubes or over the door shoe storage. He will need shelving or drawers for shirts and hanging space for slacks and wrinkle free clothing. Perhaps a tie rack and jewelry holder will be in order for both.


Most people like to put their more commonly worn items in the front closet organizer. This way it is more accessible when they first walk in. Things like dresses and tuxedos can be put toward the back, since they are only brought out on special occasions.

And of course, those things that you know you will probably never wear can be put in the back too (or sent to Goodwill), along with more storage type items, photo albums, and the like.

I highly recommend some major clean out before you ever start the closet designing process.

NOTE: Purge items that are no longer worn as this should really be a yearly occurrence. We all become pack rats but the truth is we need to be better organized by getting rid of items we no longer use to help others.


Once you have these basics down, you are well on your way to having the walk in closet organization of your dreams. The only thing left is really to fill it up once the time is right. To make this not seem like such drudgery, it can be spaced out over the course of several days or a weekend. Your bedroom closet organizer could be your most valued asset especially if you are a woman.


If you don’t have the money to spend on a closet designer then perhaps a do it yourself closet organization system is right for you. Closet organization systems are great in any situation and can make even the smallest of walk in closets a masterpiece when finished.

As I mentioned before the one positive with today’s closet organizing systems is they come in very customizable designs made by big names such as Ikea, Rubbermaid and Closetmaid. These two are the industry leaders in closet organization tools and can tackle even the largest of clutter issues.

Your local home improvement center will have several selections of systems as well as professionals who can show you what to get and also install for a fee. Getting the right walk in closet doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I totally agree with you on this. I have been in some that are 2000 square feet. It is crazy to see how some closets are designed and laid out. The bottom line is that with a little help and knowledge even the smallest of closets can be extremely user friendly and neat.

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