The 5 Best Closet Organization Systems For Kids

One of the most problematic rooms in the house is the kids bedroom. It is always full of clutter and in some sort of disarray. If you don’t have a closet system in place then total chaos usually stays it’s course. The child’s bedroom can be organized in a way that makes sense to you and your children. There are numerous closet organization systems for kids that maximize closet space and minimize clutter. The trick is teaching your kids how to organize their closet after you get a system and method in place. Here are several of the best closet organizers for kids bedrooms.

Elfa Reach in Closet for Kids

The Elfa Platinum kids closet organizer from The Container Store is one of the best selling of it’s kind on the market. The bonded steel organizer comes equipped with everything from shelving and gliding drawers to baskets and hanging organization options to full customize the kids closet to your needs. Mix and match short or long hand items depending on how you need it set up. The entire system mounts from a horizontal top track.

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Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit

The configurations line of closet organization systems from Rubbermaid are excellent additions to any kids closet. The 4 to 8 foot closet system comes with expandable shelves and telescoping rods for a completely adjustable closet to fit your child’s needs. Suitable for reach in or walk in closets, the Rubbermaid closet organizer is ideal for adult or kids closets and can be supplemented with a ton of extras like hanging baskets, drawers and hanging organization add ons. The best part about it is there is no cutting involved and you can do it yourself.

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Neatfreak Kids Closet System

This organizer sold at is a great addition to the boy’s room. This simple no nonsense closet storage solution comes hanging organizers that organize clothing, toys and accessories can be put together with no tools required. This closet solution solves many organization issues in the kids bedroom and best of all it hangs from your existing closet rod so no mounting is needed.

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Organizers for Kids By Easy Closets

Easy closets offers a reach in closet design tool that allows you to create your own functional closet organization system for children closets. Their closets are equipped with shelves, rods, slide out baskets and hanging options to give your kids bedroom a complete organization makeover. Best of all closet organizers from Easy Closets have a plethora of add ons to grow your closet with your family.

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Leaps and Bounds Closet Kids

One of the most versatile kids closets on the market is the modular closet organizer by Leaps & Bounds. It will expand and grow with your child and no installation is needed. The Leaps and Bounds child closet system hangs from the existing closet rod and is composed of canvas so it is not flimsy like most other hanging closet organizers. Among the additions available for this closet system are rods, shelf units, shoe caddy and storage bins for accessory storage.

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