Learn How To Organize Closets With Storage Cubes Furniture

Are you tired of trying to find a place for all your junk? Have you run out of room in your closet? Let me introduce you to a handy little organizing tool called the storage cube! Storage cubes are one of the most commonly used and advantageous home storage solutions available. They occupy minimal space but maximize storage in any room.
Sterilite 19888004 70-Quart Ultra Storage Box See-Through with White Lid and Titanium Latches, 4-Pack
If you’ve been having problems with too much clutter in your life whether it be your closets, garage, spare rooms or even your office or school classroom, cube storage can be the best storage and organization solution. They offer the benefit of small or large storage convenience and plastic or elegant wood decor. It is also quite easy to decorate the home with storage boxes making them suitable for storage whether it be in the kitchen, living room or even in the bathroom.

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 Rubbermaid storage organizers make these great storage bins for multiple uses. Rubbermaid products are very durable and are able to absorb most have banging and clanging in our everyday lives. They are also exported and imported globally. You can find them at your local home appliance centers and utility shops.

1. Plastic Cubes - Often referred to as plastic storage boxes are the most abundant storage cube types on the market. The plastic storage cube is perhaps the most popular and can be found at just about any store in America.

These are the plastic bins you see at places like Walmart, Target and even grocery stores. They can be clear or transparent, or a multitude of colors. Their sizes are vast and their prices are cheap for the most part. ClosetMaid, Rubbermaid and Whitmor are the three biggest plastic cube storage brands. Plastic storage is also useful when moving from one place to another.


2. Wire Cubes - Wire cube systems are very versatile and have plastic connections to allow you to create shelves, bins or even baskets for custom home storage and organization. No tools are needed for assembly. They are stackable and excellent choices for laundry/utiliity rooms, kids rooms and the garage or basement. Perfect for holding toys, books, clothing, sporting goods or anything you can imagine. They come in an array of colors from pink and black to white.

3. Wood Cubes - Wood is perhaps the most sought after if you are going for elegance and storage in one. They can be expensive but double as a storage unit and a furniture piece. Places like Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn offer elegant combinations for the home. Some are used as TV stands while others can be ottomans. The choices of wood are unlimited depending on your taste.
Winsome Wood Storage Cube

The colors range from rich mahogany to espresso and walnut. Not only are wooden storage cubes decorative but they are equally as functional and therefore extremely popular among more expensive homes.

Customize them with any color or finish you prefer to coordinate the look of your home. Use them to store items that can be seen yet look fully organizational. Many use them to display pictures, media storage and even candles or decorative items.



There are several brands names in the storage furniture market and many of them you have heard of. Here is a list of the most popular companies with a plethora of storage cube options:


1. ClosetMaid
2. Rubbermaid
3. Whitmor
4. Organize.com
5. Seville Classics
7. Way Basics
8. Avenue Six
9. Safco



It is also cost effective to use storage bins since they can hold just about anything, ranging from seasonal clothes, recyclable items, sentimental items that you want to keep out of harm’s way and even holiday decorations that need to be stored for the year.

You can find storage cubes furniture in just about every household. They are an easy way to keep things organized without having to exhaust your wallets. Storage bins with lids are also suitable for garage storage as well as closet storage.

I think we all agree that the garage is the messiest part of the house. However the closet can get pretty messy and with no closet system in place it is almost impossible to keep tidy but i digress.

Modular 6 Piece Cube Storage System - Black

Though some people resort to installing storage cabinets and closet shelves, plastic storage is still the most viable home and closet storage solution since it costs less and is more convenient to use. You can find plastic storage for $15 ranging up to $100 depending on what your needs are. For example the ClosetMaid 9 cubeical organizer is $48 at Amazon.com.



They come in a variety of sizes, thus before purchasing any storage unit, you need to plan what you want to put in a particular cube. You would not want to put large objects in a small storage cube right? It is highly advised to store large items like wreaths, sweaters or boots in one container and smaller stuff like books and other office equipment in another. Your purpose is to get closet organization under control.



Let’s face it without closet organizers you simply cannot get things under control in the bedroom. Cube storage is an ideal complement to any closet organization system you install. Often our closets are too small so what do you do? Think vertically if you can and use cubes to store items on shelving or in attics. If you have floor space then storage cubes are great for shoes and other loose items that need a home. They are excellent for storing kids toys and accessories as well.

If you are looking for home storage and organization accessories then storage cube furniture is just what the organization doctor ordered. Watch how to use storage cubes below:

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