Simple Closet Organization Ideas To Effectively Clean Your Closet

I have talked about organizing your closet in previous posts but I want to touch on them again to kind of refresh your memory. There are plenty of things that you can do to turn your existing closet into a more vibrant and organized room. Closet organization is always lacking in the home but here are some closet ideas that will make your closet lively and orderly:

Clear out the unnecessary stuff. Distinguish from your closet the items that are not currently in use because they are out of season, out of style, they don’t fit, worn out, and clothing that has faded. Maybe your style has changed and you simply don’t need some of these items anymore. Get rid of this stuff either by selling on Ebay or donating, yard sale etc.. and retain only the things that give the most comfort and function.

Consider meeting your storage needs. Now that you have already reduced the contents of your wardrobe, you can now start to plan for the right size, shape and style of your new closet system.

Measure the available space that you have and make sure that you bring this measurement with you as you go to the home improvement store. Bear in mind that you should save usable space in your room. Utilize the spaces at the back of doors for hanging organizers, floor space, and interior walls.

You can also shop for plastic storage boxes and bins, and other space saving closet storage systems that could be placed on top of vacant space of your new wardrobe or on floor space below your bed. Perhaps look into getting a wardrobe closet to help add some much needed organizing space. Wardrobe closets are very handy in the bedroom.


Shelving Systems

This will help you maximize your closet space. A well-planned shelf system can create extra space for more things that you would want to keep in the future. Shelving divides your closet ideas into different segments depending on the items that you have to keep.

Remember to add shelves at the ceiling for the extra blankets and pillows which are not regularly used and towards the bottom for seasonal clothes like raincoats and sweaters. Leave the clothes rack for items that are more precious and need to be wrinkle free.

Use of Plastic Bins and Baskets

plastic storage bin

Plastic storage bins and baskets with lids are very affordable closet organizers. They provide lots of storage volume thereby maximizing the space of your closet. Storage cubes can be stacked on top of each other in larger spaces without the need for shelves. The items inside these bins can be easily retrieved since plastic bins can be transparent.

Woven baskets are also equally functional and inexpensive. It also keeps the items visible and easily accessible knowing what is in them without wasting time digging through things. Its open sides keep air circulation that will keep the clothes from smelling moldy after long periods of storage.

Maintain the good order. Once everything has a place in your new closet organizer, make sure that the items that were taken out will go back to its rightful place after they have been used. Be sure that these items were already clean and dry, neatly folded and ready to be used again.

After all, we cannot say it’s an organized closet if you cannot maintain the order of it. Remember that closet organization will allow you to find your personal items with great ease and comfort thereby saving the one thing you can never get back, TIME.


Storage & Organization Tips

  • Segregate the items that you want to store from the ones you want or need to discard. No point in keeping worn-out pieces of wardrobe or those that are torn and irreparable. Storage cubes can help eliminate these and send them on for donation. Have three storage bags ready. One for garbage, another for items you intend to give away and the last for items you intend to place somewhere else.
  • Start from the top to the bottom or vice versa. Choose whichever is most convenient for your course of action. Or start at the back of the closet and work forward. Your closet design can help dictate your mode of attack.
  • Designate a place to stash the items you wish to discard, and plan ahead on when and how you should discard them. Storage boxes are great for this as well as cubes and bins from you local home improvement stores. They make great closet organizers.
  • Place items that you commonly use in an easily accessible area, preferably open closet shelves and hang them on rods.
  • • Sweaters, suits and other bulky wardrobe closet essentials would fit best on closet shelving.
  • Be prepared to spend. Sometimes re-arranging or re-organizing closets will not be enough and renovation will be the only viable solution.
  • Keep things simple and reasonable. The more complicated your closet system, the harder it will be for you to maintain it in the long run. Hire a closet designer if you need some professional help.
  • Take note of every minor detail in terms of space (length,width,height). You would not want to end up with closet systems that are too large or too small.
  • Decide which type of closet organizer would be the best fit for you. Some notable types include bedroom closet organizers, closet storage systems and wire closet organizers.
  • Design a closet in a way that works for you and your routine. Walk in closets are the way to go if you have an active lifestyle. Reach in closets are for smaller homes but if that is all you have then you have to make the best of it. Invest in a portable closet system or wardrobe armoire for added storage in other rooms.

There are professionals who specialize in this line of work. Do not hesitate to hire them if you think you cannot handle it on your own. Closet organizers are the way to go if you can install a do it yourself system but custom is better looking.

DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. The longer you put off working on your closet organizer, the larger the work that needs to be done and you will keep in a procrastinating kind of mind. GET BUSY!

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