Closet Organizers & Wardrobe Systems - The Complete Guide

Does your closet need some major organization? You have come to the right place madam! Closet organization is our forte and that means better home organization for you. Let’s get right to it: Organizers are designed to help you take care of a nagging problem that affects all of us at one time or another. Many people have a hard time dealing with the fact that they can’t shut their closet doors without having to stuff items back in. Organizing the closet is simply not something that we want to tackle but its extremely necessary.

Chances are you have lots of clothes you don’t want to part with and your wardrobe closet system seems to always expand year after year. Closet organization becomes a necessity and the best way to go about handling the problem is utilizing closet storage systems.


1. Assess clutter - determining which style closet organizer to buy means assessing how much clutter you have to organize in the first place. The question you have to ask yourself is “do I have enough closet space to accommodate all my accessories if we use a designed closet system?” Do I need to do some spring cleaning? Nine times out of ten there is always some purging to be done.

2. Measure Your Closet - Measure your closet dimensions (width and depth) then take your measurements to your local home improvement store (Lowe’s or Home Depot) and talk to a professional. Most of them are adjustable and can be modified to fit your closet but installation can be tricky. Carpentry skills are often desirable as you may have to measure and be able to accurately install a do it yourself kit or DIY. Some companies offer in home installers to come take care of that for you however nothing is free so that would depend on your budget.

3. Extract All Items From Your Closet - This means taking everything out and separating like items together so you can assess what you have the most of and what requires the most storage space. “This will allow you to pick the right closet organizer for your closet.”

Closet organizer systems come from many different companies including the ever popular ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid and can be available in up to twenty different colors. Both make everything from hanging closet organizers to home storage and organization tools that make life much simple and allow a cheap and easy way to straighten up your wardrobe closet.  (Note:There are many closet kits available that include racks, shelves, rods and hanging options for shoes, hats, belts etc…)

4. Go Organizer Shopping - Go to your nearest home improvement warehouse and find the organizer that best fits your needs and budget. Most of the wire organizers are do it yourself installs so you should be able to get them installed the same day. If you require more in depth installation then they will have professionals on staff that can assist you in buying and installing. If you have a lot of folded and smaller items or shoes then look for shelves, storage cubes and racks. ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid will be your best friend!


A lot of people are into do-it-yourself projects nowadays. There are three probable reasons on why these projects are ever so popular.

1. Cost
2. Creativity
3. Quick & Easy family bonding

You have probably done a lot of DIY projects before. Have you ever thought of a closet organizers do it yourself project? Probably not yet, but here is a list of reasons why you should try creating one.


Store-bought closet organizer systems can be very expensive—especially those which are made of good material such as solid wood. Labor costs are added to the price tag which makes the furniture more expensive. There are also organizers which are bought disassembled and buyers have the option of contacting a professional installer to do the job for them. Either of these options costs more than building from scratch.

Our take on this: you don’t need to buy a ready-made closet organizer or have it assembled by a professional unless your house is a tourist destination subject to societal criticism. And unless you have the money to spare, custom-made closet organization systems are simply not affordable enough for most people.

john louis home deluxe closet system

There is however one closet company that transcends this theory. John Louis Home closet systems are the exception because not only do they offer real solid wood closet systems but they are affordable and do it yourself at the same time. This means you can have a truly custom closet installed on your own and it can be delivered, assembled and adjusted to your closet by you!


Store bought Closetmaid and Rubbermaid closet organizers have the sole purpose of making your house furniture look like your neighbors and the rest of the population who bought theirs from Home Depot, Walmart or Lowes. It is very unfortunate that only a number of people have the time to customize their furniture or even create it.

On the other hand, DIY projects only provide you with the materials and the instructions for creating what you want. While closet systems all store clothes and accessories, do it yourself closet systems will give you the freedom to install sliding doors instead of the usual French-window type. While the department stores don’t carry purple organizers, you can now create one—complete with silver star accents, go figure.


Especially for projects such as closet organization, families will not only benefit upon the completion for the project, but also while doing it. Talk about bonding with your children while painting the closet. Or sit down after dinner and discuss the design with your kids and husband or wife. Their inputs will make the closets design more personalized. There is the feeling that you truly own the product not just that you bought it because you spent time and toiled to create it. A truly wonderful experience that is worth sharing with other family members and friends is irreplaceable.

DIY closet systems are the best things you could create with your family that is cheap, functional, and creative. Plan this ahead of summer vacation and enjoy moments with your family that do not often arrive. Best of all, the family will have brand new furniture to use at the end of the building and designing process.


1. Wood Closet Systems

The hardest part of any shopping spree is what brand to purchase. In the closet manufacturing world there are numerous quality closet companies to choose from. Wood closet organizers can be found at such reputable companies such as Solid Wood Closets inc. California Closets, Closets To Go, and Easy Closets. There are other name brands that deal with solid wood closet systems such as Elfa, John Louis Home, Sauder and Seville Classics.

The kind of wood closet systems available for your closets include 100% solid wood designed maple, maple spice, mahogany and cherry to name a few and come with very stylish brushed nickel hardware.

2. Modular - Wire Closet Organizers

There are many modular closet organization systems that maximize space utilization and even figure in baseboard clearance which is probably something most people would not think about when looking at closet organization. Storage cubes furniture make for great space savers and help divide up seasonal items as well as others that do not get used as often.

The name ClosetMaid is synonymous with quality and durability. The same can be said for Rubbermaid. Both companies specialize in home storage and organization products. Their do it yourself closet organizers are in one out of every 4 homes. Chances are if you are reading this you have had one at some point in your life.

Rubbermaid closet systems can be found at any Walmart, Lowe’s or Home Depot as well as Their products consist of wire closet shelving and hardware, Fast track adjustable closet kits as well as their latest and greatest Homefree series closet kits with a host of closet accessories to handle all your closet needs.

ClosetMaid organizers are found at the same locations as well as and they have everything you need for reach in or walk in closets. Their online closet design tool allows you to create your own closet system based on your closet dimensions and you can then have it shipped to your door for easy do it yourself installation.

3. Kids Closet Organizers

Kids have the hardest time staying organized but with the right closet organization tools they can be taught at a young age to keep their room clean. Invest in a kids closet organizer to help keep them motivated. Utilize hanging baskets, storage racks and shelving to help get things off the ground and at eye level for them to utilize. Keep out of season items on higher shelves and use lower shelving and closet rods for everyday use.

Most of the kids closet systems are wire coated in many different colors to suit your taste, white being the most popular. The more colorful styles tend to be more desirable for children.

Most basic closets are nothing more than a clothing bar and possibly a shelf. There is quite a bit of unused space that you could be using. Closet organisers are a great way to get the most out of your space.


Clothing rods - A typical closet has only a single rod to hang your clothes, but you lose out on the space below your clothes. If you still find empty space in the lower half of your closet, consider a second closet rod. This simple addition doubles the amount of clothes you can hang.

Prefabricated closet shelving units - Closet shelving usually comes in three standard widths. Longer 27” shelving is great for bulky clothing or bedding. Shorter 18” shelves fit lighter clothes like shirts or pants. Cube, or cubby, shelving keeps one type of clothes perfectly separated such as sweaters, jeans or shirts. Shelving is a great way to use vertical space to organize your clothes. Depending on the size of your closet, you could place it along one side of your wall, or the shelving can be used as a divider between two sides in a closet with wider wall space. The shelving can be stacked all the way to the ceiling, or reach just to the height of an overhead shelf.

Shoe organizers - A well-placed shoe rack will keep your footwear easily within reach whenever you need them. There are three types of shelving - over the door shoe organizers, shoe racks, and cubby-style shoe organizers. For very small closets, the over the door option may be the best. If you have wall space, racks or cubbies that are stackable make great use of lower wall space.

Closet Drawers - Most systems have drawers that are designed to fit in prefabricated shelving. Whether you have long, short or cubby shelving, you can turn any of them into a drawer. These can then hold your accessories or undergarments. Something to use in addition to the drawers are drawer organizers. These are used to separate the drawer space to better hold your items.


Whether you have just a small coat closet or a walk-in closet, organizers are an efficient way to keep your closet clutter free. These simple solutions will help you get your closet in order, and you will spend less time finding what to wear. Make sure you have enough closet lighting to see what you have and need as well.

Closet organization ideas are plentiful but you have to have the right setup for your particular wardrobe. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to allow for wardrobe expansion but sometimes that’s easier said than done. You also have to look at your budget, can you afford custom organizers or do you need an affordable system.

When you come to the conclusion that these tips are something your household needs make sure you research and find the best available company you can trust and afford whether it’s a do it yourself (diy) system or hiring a professional to install for you.



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