The Ultimate Rubbermaid Closet Organizers Review

Tired of your closet’s dirty look and messy clothes? You need closet organization like most home owners and if your like me and hampered by the current recession then having a custom built closet is just not in the budget.

However there are affordable closet organizer kits and accessories that are adjustable to any size closet and they can be purchased at your local Walmart, Target, home improvement store or online retailer.

When you think of do-it-yourself closet systems Rubbermaid is the brand that comes to mind. You know you have walked into a Home Depot or Lowe’s and walked straight to the home organization section only to find a ton of things you would like to buy and could use.

When the time has come to get your closets in shape Rubbermaid storage has been at the top for a long time. So let’s take a look at what makes Rubbermaid closet organizer systems one of the best.

One of the most popular home and closet organizing companies is Rubbermaid. They have a plethora of closet organization ideas and systems to tackle any closet.

Rubbermaid features 3 Customizable Closet kits:

1. Configurations Customizable Closets/HomeFree Series (exclusive to Lowe’s)

2. FastTrack Adjustable Closet

3. Direct Mount Non-adjustable Closet


The all feature:

  • Expandable storage space
  • Telescoping single and double rods
  • Adjustable & expandable shelving
  • Do it yourself instructions
  • No cutting required


1. Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kits Options:

Type Starter 3-6 foot Classic 3-6 ft Classic 4-8 ft Deluxe 3-6 ft Deluxe 4-8 ft
Storage Space 12 ft Shelving
12 ft Hang
12 ft Shelving
12 ft Hang
14 ft Shelving
12 ft Hang
18.5 ft Shelving
12 ft Hang
20 ft Shelving
12 ft Hang
Hang Rods (2) 5ft Telescoping rods
(2) 5ft Telescoping rods
(2) 6ft Telescoping rods
(2) 5ft Telescoping rods
(2) 6ft Telescoping rods
Shelving (3) 8ft shelves
(2) 26″ shelves
(2) 36″ shelves
(3) 26″ shelves
(2) 36″ shelves
(6) 26″ shelves
(2) 36″ shelves
(7) 26″ shelves
(2) 48″ shelves
Brackets 10 10 11 16 19
Uprights 4 (4) 47.5″ (5) 47.5″ (4) 47.5″
(2) 25″ upright ext
(5) 47.5″
(2) 25″ upright ext
Finish White/Titanium White/Titanium White/Titanium White/Titanium White/Titanium
Avg Retail Price $55 Not available @ $99.95 @ $114.95 @ $119.95 @ $149.95 @

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Rubbermaid’s HomeFree series of customizable closet organizer kits are the classic configurations version exclusive to Lowe’s home improvement stores. They are not available online at

Here are a few options:

    • Options include 3-6 ft, 4-8 ft or 6-10 ft closet kits that adjust to any expanding wardrobe.
    • The telescoping rods and expandable shelving make for a long lasting investment in your closet.
    • Fast installation - NO Cutting required!
    • Excellent for reach-in and walk-in closets
    • All assembly instructions and mounting hardware included


Rubbermaid HomeFree Series 3 shelf kit & Double Drawer Chest

3 Shelf Kit:

    • 3 shelf  laminate wood kit (maple finish)
    • Compatible with any Rubbermaid Homefree series kit as long as the uprights are stored 22″ apart.
    • Easy to read do it yourself instructions (hardware included) assembly is required!
    • Adds elegant wood style to to the expansion of any closet
    • Perfect for “dresser style” storage
    • Get additional uprights sold separately if needed

Double Drawer Chest:

      • Wood laminate unit featuring 2 drawers (maple finish)
      • Perfect for “dresser style” storage expansion
      • Compatible with any HomeFree Series kit
      • Comes with easy to read instructions (assembly is required)


Shop great discounts on the Lowe’s HomeFree Series



The original economical wire closet organizer. This wire shelving closet kit is designed to allow hangers to slide from wall to wall with no interference. It comes with everything you need to install.

    • FreeSlide closet shelving
    • 10 ft of shelf and hang space
    • Adjustable brackets and shelving for maximum closet storage space
    • Epoxy coated for stain resistance, strength and durability (no yellowing or staining)

Rubbermaid closet systems need not be fancy or super expensive. You can go a long way with a Rubbermaid organizer for under $150. Install it yourself or should you need assistance Rubbermaid has professional installers nationwide to help you with your new closet.

Do you want more of the fun part? You can bring it with you when you travel! You can arrange the parts in a bag and rebuild them again when you arrive at your new room.

You can find these Rubbermaid discount closet organizers at your local Lowes or home improvement store as well as online. If you find that you need more parts added then you’re merely minutes away from adding more closet storage to your home.

If you have ever gone to then you have probably seen their interactive closet design tool. If not then you need to go and have a look. It is truly epic in that it let’s you design your perfect closet right at your computer. It will let you:

      • Find the perfect closet for your project
      • Design a closet solution to meet your closet needs
      • Then save and print your closet organizing solution for implementation


Rubbermaid has their direct mount line of closet systems that consist of:

      • 6.5-8 foot closet kit - (provides 13.5′ of shelf space and 12′ of hang space)
      • 5-10 foot closet kit - long hang, double hang, storage shelves & shoe rack (20′ shelving 11′ hang space)
      • 5-8 foot closet kit with laminate tower  - (provides 15′ of shelving and 9′ of hanging space)
      • 3-5 foot wardrobe closets (provide up to 11 feet of shelving and 8 feet of hang space)


Rubbermaid FreeSlide Closet Kits

Rubbermaid offers the 6-10 ft and 5-8 ft FreeSlide closet organizer with laminate tower as a non-adjusting closet system. This Rubbermaid wire shelving closet kit is an affordable and economical solution to closet organization.

The kits are designed so that the hangers slide from wall to wall with no interference.

Not available for purchase on

If that isn’t enough to get your home in order try the available add on accessories for the direct mount Rubbermaid closets:

          • FreeSlide Shelf Kits - Includes 2 support braces and all installation materials
          • FreeSlide Shelves - Shelving only
          • TightMesh Shelf Kits - Strong durable 1/2 in spaced wire shelves. All materials incl. $24.95
          • TightMesh Shelving - Perfect for the pantry, linen closet or kids room
          • Linen Shelf Kits - Closets, basements or laundry rooms. Dust resistant, materials incl. $12.95
          • Linen Shelves - 1 inch wire spacing for air circulation
          • Wardrobe Shelf Kits - Instant shelf and hang rod added to any room in need of storage $25.95
          • Wardrobe Shelves - Add storage where you need it, laundry, garage, basement, closets
          • Wardrobe Rod Spacers - Used on shelving to prevent hanger slide off
          • Direct Mount Back Clips - Helps secure wardrobe shelving to the wall for support


The Rubbermaid line of accessories are vast and compliment any Rubbermaid storage system:


Canvas Storage Chest with Cedar

  • Breathable storage with cedar inserts for pest repellant
  • 3 handle for easy of transfer
  • Perfect for out of season storage

Nestable Bins

  • Collapsible & foldable storage bins
  • Perfect for storing purses, jewelry, socks, and various smaller items
  • Super easy to clean liner

Dual Access Shoe Box

  • Breathable storage box with dual access openings
  • 3 clear windows for easy viewing of contents without having to open the lid
  • Includes velcro strips for easy stacking
  • Stain resistant liner for easy cleaning

Jumbo 20 Pocket Closet Shoe Organizer

  • Breathable vertical hanging shoe storage
  • Can store 20+ shoes
  • Can be used on closet doors or in closet itself
  • Stain resistant lining

Jumbo Shelf Organizer

  • Collapsible hanging shelf unit
  • Foldable bottom shelving that fits into any space
  • Shelf dividers on bottom shelves for shoe organization

Low Profile Bag with Cedar

  • 3 handle easy to transport clothing storage box that stacks easily
  • Cedar inserts for pest control
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Perfect for out of season clothing

Low Profile Box

  • Low profile closet storage box
  • 3 windows for easy of use
  • Velcro closure with easy to clean liner




Q.What do the contents of the box consist of?

A.Every organizer comes with all the essentials (parts) you need to put your closet organizer together including hardware, instructions and everything you need to properly install your system quick.

Tip: Always check contents and make sure all parts are in the box.

Q.What tools will be needed?

A.You will need a level, screwdriver or drill(preferrable) and tape measure. DIY knowledge and skill are preferred when doing this type of project. If you do not have any handyman skills you may want to hire a professional or a friend who does.

Q.What is the difference between HomeFree and Configurations closet kits?
A.HomeFree is a Lowe’s exclusive product. It is also HomeFree systems are the same as Configurations except they only come in white. HomeFree items are also available as add on individual components OR kits.

Q.Can you buy individual pieces to add on to kits such as a bracket or rod?

Q.How much weight will the closet shelving hold?
A.Weight limits vary by installation and application and methods used. For peace of mind contact Rubbermaid customer service 888-895-2110 (M-F, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm ET).

Q.Can I mount the brackets and rod without having to add the shelf above it?

A.No. Rubbermaid doesn’t make a rod that sits alone. It mounts to the front of the shelving for support.

Q.Where can I find installation instructions for my model closet organizer

A.Rubbermaid’s home page under “support center” you will find “assembly instructions”


Rubbermaid is the latest and continues to be the greatest innovation to closet storage and organization. This newest brand of Rubbermaid closet organizer called the Homefree Series offers expandable options to fit any closet.

Durability - Rubbermaid organizers are quite durable and reliable being made from thick coated wire and titanium….Need I say more?

Easy Installation - Rubbermaid closets are very easy to install and unless you know nothing about a drill and hammer then you don’t need to call a professional. You would be taking away from the fun and personal satisfaction of the closet organizers do it yourself experience.

Cost Effective - Rubbermaid’s wire organizer systems are extremely cost effective. They range from $50 up to $150 depending on what style and size you need.

Simple Cleaning- Rubbermaid closet organization systems are super easy to maintain. You just need to dampen a clean cloth and wipe it off. No cleaning agents necessary!. Rubbermaid has built a system that seldom needs cleaning because dirt and grime does not easily attach to its outside and inside parts.

Versatility - What I really love about Rubbermaid closet systems is their versatility and expandability. It adapts into your liking and color and size preferences. So, it is basically you who designs your closet. Mix and match it as you like. This is the new closet organizer. It’s like you have an adjustable bag that you simply zip and unzip!

You can remove shelves to make a part smaller and add more shelves in another part if you like.


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