Why Portable Closets Are The Perfect Extra Storage Solution

Are you tired of not having anywhere to hang clothing? Are your closets maxed out and simply overrun with your massive CONSTANTLY EXPANDING wardrobe? I have been in your shoes and it is no fun. I got tired of storing items in boxes in my attic so I looked at portable closets and their storage potential. It turns out they are a life saver in many ways.

Not only can you store essentials but you can hide them in an area of your home such as the attic, garage or even your basement. The best part is they are not expensive and they can be moved from one place to the next with relative ease.


Portable wardrobe closets otherwise known as portable wardrobes are a great way to help maximize space in small cramped quarters. These closets are great for use in rooms where there is no storage or closet room available. A portable storage closet is usually a constructed set of plastic PVC and sometimes metal or wire arranged in the shape of a square or rectangle covered by plastic or fabric/canvas.

They range in color from white, tan, black and navy. They are often on wheels so they can be mobile for easy transfer. NOTE:They can also be more elaborate looking and made out of wood but the portability becomes compromised because of its weight thus making it a wardrobe armoire.

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It functions as its own closet in a sense. It can be assembled in a matter of minutes and disassembled in even less time. Most portable closet wardrobes use metal to fit into each other with a rod in the middle for hanging items. They range in size from 36-60 inches (3-5 ft) tall and wide depending on the brand. Larger models often contain multiple shelves, drawers and often dirty clothes storage or accessories compartments.


The outside often has pockets for shoe storage, personal items and anything else you can fit. Smaller wardrobes are only a couple of feet wide allowing mainly hanging items. A portable storage closet has a zipper that seals in the clothing keeping them free from harm due to moths, dust and mold. Some have mesh bottoms which allows all of the above to find its way in…these are not desirable if you want to keep your valuables safe.



Use them in a plethora of ways and places to help maximize a lack of storage options. Many people use storage boxes to stow away seasonal items or rarely worn clothing. With portable wardrobes you can essentially move part of your closet to another area of the home. I personally have one in our spare room because all of our closets are full. So when out of town company comes to stay they have somewhere to hang their clothes rather than live out of a suitcase for a week.



Maybe you want more room in your own closet for items you plan on purchasing or you want to move some seasonal items out without giving them away. In other words you want to hold onto them for sentimental reasons.

Example: Let’s say you have some nice vintage suits you want moved out of your closet to free up room for new purchases because there is simply no room left. Seal them in a portable clothing storage closet and move them to the attic. This way they are out of your living space but wrinkle, dust and moth free.

College kids can use them in their dorm for hanging items they want wrinkle free. Dorms are a storage nightmare but a portable wardrobe can mean the difference between a tidy dorm and party crazed bacteria trap.





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Whitmor 6822-167-B 60-Inch Polypro Clothes Closet, White Honey-Can-Do WRD-01274 Ultra-Deluxe 43-Inch Wide Storage Closet with Heavy Duty Doors and Two-Drawers, CreamHoney-Can-Do WRD-01270 27-Inch Wide Storage Closet with 9-Side Storage and Shoe Bins, Tan60-inch Breathable Garment Closet Storage Wardrobe Organizer Rack


These space saving portable clothing storage closets are extremely affordable averaging about $30 with a range from $20 to $60 depending on make and size.




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