Ideas For Organizing With Kitchen Pantry Closet Organizers and Accessories

Is your pantry closet about to explode? Having an organized pantry means less grocery waste and better savings at thegrocery store. There is no more guessing or wondering what lies in the back of the pantry closet. A pantry is traditionally thought of as a place for storing all your food and dishes.

The word pantry comes from the french word “paneterie” which is derived from the word pain which is “french” for bread. During the medieval times the pantry held bread thus the name became significant with today’s pantry. Utilizing pantry closet organizer systems can do a host of things such as help keep your grocery bill down and also allow you to plan meals more effectively.



The pantries of today can be of several varieties such as a walk-in closet with sliding doors, a small reach in closet with a pull open door or a series of drawers and cabinets. Many of today’s homes have what is called a “butlers pantry” usually located directly behind the kitchen for storing expensive china or dining utensils. A lot of the higher end homes will have a very elaborate built in pantry system located within the kitchen cabinetry.



Wire shelving for your pantry is most common in most homes but it is not necessarily the most effective way to organize the pantry. Installing roll out drawers can be much better at organizing such items as onions and potatoes. Try installing can racks for easy view of expiration dates. Pull out shelving and a lazy Susan are ideal in the pantry.

Over the door pantry shelving are perfect for single door closet pantries because they are very inexpensive. They store the little things like spices, cooking oils and baking products and put them in easy reach. Stackable storage cubes allow for airtight storage of cereals and other dry foods.



Pantry organizers are abundant but not all closet organizer systems are created equal. Here are a few of my favorites and hopefully they will end up being yours as well.


This 24 inch wide adjustable pantry closet organizer is an excellent addition to any pantry closet door. It can also be used as a garage organizer or over the door closet organizer. It is not intended for heavy items but it is perfect for those canned goods and other smaller items that will fit in the wire racks that are coated white. When it comes to kitchen storage over the door pantry organizers are all the rage.



The mack daddy of all closet pantry organizers is this kitchen and pantry organizer baskets that come in a chrome finish. Organize any pantry in just minutes with this highly durable and easy-to-install shelving system.This pull out pantry organizers system mounts easily in any pantry and quickly bring a fresh organized look to any kitchen. Made from heavy duty steel and then chrome plated for a nice finish this organizer for your pantry slides out on roller bearings so the baskets are in your face if you need them. Very Cool!


Under pantry kitchen storage organizers are where it’s at. Genius invention and so affordable these little nuggets make organizing a breeze. Use them for your aluminum foil and wax paper or storage baggies. Fits neatly under the shelf and helps eliminate the clutter that comes with a typical pantry. Gotta try these babies!



Take Inventory and Sort - The first step in any closet organization task is to take inventory. Whether it’s clothes or in this case food items in the kitchen pantry.  Pull everything out of the pantry and get rid of out of date food items you can longer use or will not use. If you are overrun with canned goods this is a good time to donate them to the local food bank (help others). As you separate the items your gonna keep be sure to group similar items together so you can put them back in order.

Cleaning and Organizing -  Cleanliness is the first step in getting your pantry closet nice and tidy. Wipe down all shelving and fix any broken shelves or hardware that needs attention. Utilize clear storage cubes or containers that seal tight for dry items like nuts, rice, cereal, coffee and tea. The options are endless for things like spices which can be hung on the door with over the door pantry organizers.

Label and Restore - Now you have your pantry cleaned and revamped it is time to restock with foods that are grouped together. You will want to put you most used items on the middle shelves where they are easiest to get to. The not so used items should go on the top shelves. Put your storage bins on the lower pantry closet shelves. For the big bulky items like paper towels and cases of soft drinks and utilize the bottom of the pantry closet.

Finally you want label everything so when you go to the pantry to find something its time not wasted. Life is too short to waste looking for silly items. Label the shelves so you and family members know where things are and especially where they need to be after they are finished using them.

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