Organizing With Modular Furniture Storage


Every office or room in a home needs places to store and display items. These may be practical items or for decorative purposes. The problem is that no two rooms are the same and the taste and needs of the occupants are even more diverse. There is a definite requirement for flexible design in modern dwellings and workplaces and being able adapt your furniture to your changing needs is an asset for any furniture product. When storage is outgrown by the needs of its owner, it has to be replaced. This is not true for modular solutions that grow with the requirements of the user.

Modular Furniture in the Workplace

Modular furniture has been popular in offices for many years because changing workforces require adaptable fittings that change with the staffing requirements of the business. Modular storage has also been popular in working offices for the same reasons, but now there are modern designers making practical furniture desirable. Storage uses are obvious, but practicality and aesthetics have rarely gone hand in hand in previous designer furniture collections.

modular storage furniture

Design Advantages of Modular Storage

Apart from flexibility, the major advantage of modular furniture storage is that it can fit any shape or design room. When there are size limits or strangely shaped spaces, modular shelving can give users a bespoke design for budget prices. The ability to reduce the size of the shelving or convert part of the furniture to desk space is not only novel, but also extremely practical.

Modular storage is no longer just a buzzword for company buyers trying to impress when agreeing budgets. Designers have realised they need to meet the needs of their customers. Vanity led design has its place in offices, but the most requested furniture is always going to be used for lower grade staff members who are unlikely to complain if their walnut cabinet is not polished.

Strength in Design

As office furniture is workplace furniture, it needs high levels of durability and good presentation to be a justified investment. Cheap office furniture is manufactured with inferior materials and the worst are chipboard-based products. A solid wood product will always out last similar designs and the presentation will speak for itself. Affordable furniture is not necessarily low quality and poorly designed. If enough research is applied to sourcing suppliers, suitable solutions are available for all budgets.

Key Things to Remember when Ordering Office Storage

Furnishing a home office or a full time place of business should be approached in the same way. This means making sure room sizes match the ordered items, the ordered items are suitable for your needs and there is sufficient scope for change in the future. With these three requirements in mind, you can find suitable solid wood storage within your budget.

With modern, design led solutions, offices are impressive and practical whilst affording owners the freedom to update, alter and make necessary decisions without committing future budgets. These are all conducive to a more efficient enterprise, whether modular units are for home or business work places.


Morgan Harris is an interior design consultant who refits modern offices for clients in the City of London. He has liaised with shelfstore on many of his projects.

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