IKEA Wardrobe Closet Furniture Solutions and Options For Your Bedroom

IKEA is a privately held company based out of the Netherlands but founded in Sweden and is the worlds largest furniture retailer to date. IKEA is environmentally friendly and is currently the third largest consumer of wood furniture behind Home Depot and Lowe’s respectively according to Wikipedia.

Particle board is used the most in their furniture because it keeps cost down. Lets look at the three IKEA bedroom wardrobe closet furniture that helps keep our bedrooms in order.

Photo by IKEA.com


Numerous options are synonymous with IKEA and the Pax IKEA wardrobe is no exception. The wardrobe IKEA closet systems come with the following configurations of your choosing:

  • Wardrobe with one or two doors (your choice)
  • Wardrobe with 2 doors & 4 drawers
  • A corner wardrobe (for those pesky usable corners)
  • A wardrobe with sliding doors in white,black,beige ranging from $549-699 retail


PAX Wardrobe Planner - Build your own IKEA PAX wardrobe closet on their website by choosing your style, frame, doors, inner fittings and layout completely custom to your needs and wants. The IKEA wardrobe planner is an excellent tool!

CLICK HERE to build your own IKEA closet wardrobe.

First you will choose your style of PAX closet wardrobe which is either:

  • sliding door
  • hinge door
  • corner solution
  • open solution with varying sizes.

Check out this PAX wardrobe closet from IKEA

photo by flickr.com

PAX sliding door options

PAX ANGSTAD & TONNES - starts at $639
PAX LYNGDAL & UGGDAL - starts at $489
PAX MALM - starts at $589

PAX hinge door options

PAX BIRKELAND & BERGSBO - starts at $180
PAX FARDAL & HEMNES - starts at $200
PAX VIKEDAL - starts at $151
PAX FEVIK - starts at $182
PAX BALLSTAD - starts at $129.50
PAX NEXUS - starts at $170

PAX corner solutions

BIRKELAND - starts at $730
FARDAL - starts at $810
BERGSBO - starts at $608
VIKEDAL - starts at $614
BALLSTAD - starts at $528
NEXUS - starts at $690

PAX open solutions - The PAX open wardrobe closets start at $90 and involve an array of colors that include:

White stain
Medium brown


The STOLMEN wardrobes are closet sections that start with a single section and can be as large as 4 sections wide depending on your needs and wants. Pricing starts at $190 to $725.

These IKEA closet organization solutions are excellent for closets in need of revamping and organization.


ELGA wardrobe closets with sliding doors require less space to use as opposed to open door wardrobe systems.

ELGA comes in several options including 2 or 3 sliding doors in white and gray options with glass or mirrored doors.

photo by flickr.com

5 Tips On How To Assemble IKEA Wardrobe Furniture Without Frustration

We all have bought something that had to be put together. Whether it was a bookshelf from Walmart or a piece of storage furniture from Target or IKEA. Trying to to this by yourself is really a pain and really you need 3 people to make it easy and effortless. Here are a few assembly tips to make the process pain free.

1. Find a friend or relative that is somewhat skillful and good with their hands to help you tackle this project. Remember 4 hands are better than 2 and 6 would be ideal.

2. Empty the entire contents in the floor and separate by checking off one by one on the sheet. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t receive all the parts that were supposed to be in the box.

Only to find out at the end I couldn’t finish the build. Don’t quit in frustration because you didn’t make sure you had all the necessary parts.

3. Scan the instructions multiple times to get a good grasp of what your going to be doing. This way you don’t get stuck each time you have to read and then grasp what you have to do next. This will allow you to flow right through without any hitches.

Should you have any questions you can call IKEA support at 1-800-434-IKEA

4. Get your own tools! IKEA closet organizer furniture often comes with assembly tools but they are extremely small and difficult to use at times. You can cut your assembly time in half by using larger more ergonomic tools.
TIP: Make sure you have a hammer, screwdrivers, drill and wrenches to make life easier.

5. Lastly liven up the mood! Turn on some of your favorite music and get in a good frame of mind. Building furniture in a negative frame of mind or hungry/tired is a recipe for disaster.

Watch this video on how to assemble your PAX wardrobe closet

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