What Ikea Closet Systems Have To Offer

There are three things that Ikea closet systems can provide your bedroom: style, maximized storage capacity and clutter-free space. Just because bedrooms are private and not really exposed to visitors doesn’t mean you should tolerate clutter and congested space due to disorganization.

Aside from spring cleaning, you can also try installing more space-conserving closets in your room to hold things that you really need or just things that you want to throw away. It is absolutely necessary to avoid being a packrat but it is also not good to impulsively throw things away so welcome to closet organizers Ikea!


Before actually purchasing Ikea closet storage, try cleaning your closet. Throw away items that don’t fit anymore or are out of style. If you haven’t worn it in a year then it’s time to clear! Ladies we have those items with tags on them that have been hanging in the closet for 2 years. Keep the things that you feel could be of good use someday and store them in the attic or basement.

NOTE: portable closets or storage cubes are good here.

If you still have more to store than your regular closet can hold then you should consider putting more storage or perhaps purchasing extra wardrobe closets for your room. If you have a room with limited space, you be need closet systems that extend upward (vertical) rather than sideways in order to utilize maximum storage capacity.


Ikea’s PAX Wardrobe Series have clothes organizers that are designed to extend upwards so they don’t occupy too much space but still maintain a large storage capacity. Many add-ons are available should you require more divisions or storage such as drawers, shelves, hangers, wire baskets and pull-out trousers.

The company calls these adorable add-ons Komplement interior fittings. If you feel like using your existing closet system you can settle for the interior fittings to increase your storage space and completely rid your bedroom of unnecessary clutter. To visit Ikea’s online Click Here!

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Closet storage - The Skubb storage box is perfect for storing shoes as well as jewelry, socks, belts etc..

Shoe Storage - Go with an IKEA shoe cabinet rack


You can also plan your wardrobe style with the Ikea wardrobe closet planner. You can choose from their wide selection of closet types: Do you prefer sliding doors, hinge doors, corner solution and open solution?

They’ve got all of it and they have a plethora of colors to choose from. They have neutrals like white, black and black-brown. Ikea wardrobe closets have classics like oak, antique, birch, and white-stained oak. They also have colors that fit more modern designs such as gray, high gloss white and medium brown. Glass and mirror designs are also available.


Ikea makes sure that their products are durable and of good quality. Their drawers, for instance, can withstand 30,000 times of closing and opening which guarantees that they will last for 10 years. They’ve tested their bedroom closet doors and found that it can withstand tens of thousands of times of opening and closing. That is 20,000 times of opening and closing the doors or ten years of usage. Also the Ikea closet system provides a limited warranty for added service guarantee.


They do home deliveries if you’re purchasing large items that you couldn’t fit in your car/truck. Ikea closet organization systems as well as all their products are designed for do-it-yourself assembly and installation but they also provide installation services for a fee if you prefer.


The Ikea stores are rather large and can be found all over the world. Chances are if you live close to a large city in the United States then Ikea is there. They have endless closet organization ideas for any size, shape or room design you can muster. Go to www.Ikea.com for more information.

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