How To Reduce Clutter In Your Child’s Bedroom

We really can’t avoid having a lot of clutter at home especially when we have kids around. Getting rid of clutter can be a challenging task for most parents. The children’s bedroom is usually with the most clutter since the kids spend much of their time there.

So how can you organize your child’s bedroom? Here are some tips:


  • Keep a trash can in your child’s bedroom. Used paper, broken pencils and crayons, junk food wrappers, soda cans, candy wrappers, etc.- these trash are everywhere in your kid’s bedroom. The solution? As early as possible, try to teach your child how to throw his or her garbage properly. As part of your training, place a trash can inside your child’s bedroom. This way, your child won’t give you an excuse why trash is scattered inside the room. Instead of throwing wrappers on the floor, your child will throw them on the bin. Make sure too that regularly dispose the trash.
  • Place a study table and bookshelf. When your child goes to school, he or she will need a space for studying. To avoid leaving behind books and school supplies in disarray, place a shelf and a study table inside your child’s room. Tell your child to place the books on the shelf after studying and other school items inside the table drawers. This will help keep everything neat and orderly.
  • Put up a cabinet for toys. Kids spend much time playing too. If scattered toys give you a headache, place a cabinet inside your child’s room intended for keeping toys. Tell your child to return the toys properly inside the cabinet after playing with them to avoid clutter inside the bedroom. If there is not enough space for a cabinet, another option is to keep a big plastic air-tight container or storage organizer under the bed where you can keep the toys safely. Try to explain to your child that leaving toys scattered on the floor may cause accidents.
  • Teach your child to clean the room regularly. Finally, to reduce clutter inside your child’s bedroom, you have to teach your child how to clean up his or her bedroom regularly. Tell him to arrange the things inside the room and to return them after every use in their proper places.  Also, teach your child to use cleaning supplies like microfiber towels and glass cleaner to keep his room clean!
  • Invest in childrens closet organization systems. Brands like Rubbermaid and ClosetMaid offer a host of options that include hanging and walk in closet systems. Ikea and Pottery Barn have a plethora of options to let you efficiently organize the closet and bedroom.


Organizing your child’s bedroom and closet can be possible if you follow these tips. As parents, guide your child on how to become neat and orderly.

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