How To Organize Your Walk-In Closet On A Budget


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If you want to make things neat and orderly inside your home, then you should start with your closet. We all want a huge closet so that everything can fit in there. However, not all of us have enough space in our bedroom nor do we have the money to spend on the installation of a superb walk-in closet.

So what can we do about it? Here are some tips on how you can organize your walk-in closet at an affordable cost:



  • Clean up your closet. Before anything else, clear your closet with all your things so you can clean it up. On a weekend for example, get everything out and clean your closet using a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt that have accumulated inside. After you finish cleaning up, try to sort out your clothes and separate those which you no longer need. You can give away or donate to charity the items that you don’t need to add more space in your closet. Or you can sell them in a garage sale to make money.
  • Sort out items. Once you have separated the clothes that still fit you from those that won’t fit anymore, try to sort out the remaining items that you can still use. Separate those which you use daily from those which you can wear on special occasions or events. Neatly fold your clothes so they won’t use up much space. Office wear and dresses can be hung so they won’t crease. If there are items which don’t fit you but you still want to keep (and you’re sure that you can lose weight again), you can place them in a separate bag or organizer so that you can use them someday.
  • Look for a separate storage room. If all your clothes won’t fit inside your closet, you can store those items for special occasions on an air-tight plastic container or box and keep them in a separate storage room. Make sure you label them properly. You can keep this under the bed, attic, or spare room.
  • Don’t keep other items aside from clothes in your closet. Finally, make sure that you don’t store or keep other items in your walk-in closet such as bags and boxes. Instead, you can buy a bag organizer that you can hang on your wall. The storage boxes can be placed in the attic or storage room.


You don’t need to spend lots of money just to organize your walk-in closet. Now that you know these tips, keeping your clothes in order will be easy.

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