How To Organize Your Home Office

If you are working from home it is essential that you have a workable space that is comfortable and efficient. A home based business needs to have plenty of storage and a system for keeping things in their proper places. Creating a workspace that is organized and has plenty of storage is a step in the right direction to a long term growing business. Comfort is essential as you will be spending many hours in your workspace, and it makes it easier to do when you are comfortable and all the things you need are all within your reach.


A workable nook can allow you a custom space where everything has its place. A hallway closet is good for this type of work at home space and everyone has one. When you are finished for the day, it makes it easy for you to put everything away out of sight by closing it all back up and you can still have the room for its intended function. Having the right type of storage for your home office to run smoothly is key.

Determine the location of the home office

Pick a space by or near a window for ventilation

Set up your workspace to face the window to keep glare off your computer screen


Your work space should be airy and large enough that you can spread your entire project and still have room for writing notes. There has to be enough room around your arms to feel comfortable and not cramped as long periods of not allowing your arms to extend can make you uncomfortable and cause strain.

Your desk is the core piece to your design; everything should be designed around it.

Take measurements of your space and determine just how much room you have for a desk.

Select furniture pieces that are durable, easy to clean in case of spills, look beautiful and can last for many years.

If you have children that come in and out of your office, keep in mind to select a desk that has round edges and keep bins out of their reach.


Organization is essential to every business no matter if you are working from home or in an office. Sit down and think of how your work comes in: the first thing you do, then the next, all the way through to the end of the process. An easy way to do this is take a piece of paper and create boxes. Mark them one, two, three, etc. Then put in box one the first thing you do, then the second box next, and on through the entire process. By doing this you will see step by step what has to be done, what supplies are needed and how much you may need to keep on hand. You can keep a tight inventory of the supplies you need with see through bins and containers. Prepare the space for them to be within reach and sight so you can easily access them when needed and keep an eye on when to stock up when supplies are low. This is simple and can better prepare you for future problems in your organizational process.

Gather all your supplies and put them in separate piles. This makes it easy to see what you will need to store away.

Take measurements of the wall space in front of your desk and look to purchase some acrylic storage so you can keep track when things get low.

Select each storage bin or container that is able to be mounted on your wall and at eye level so you will not have to worry about getting up to get them or them spilling over on to your project while you work.

Look for a filing storage cabinet with at least two drawers that you can put all of your files (i.e., agreements, contracts, invoices, etc. ) into. They need to be kept in a separate filing cabinet that is safe away from spills, tears and rips. Keep them close to you under your workspace so if a client calls you for something you can easily access their files. Also when you file your taxes it makes it easy to have them all in one place, organized in such a way that you can get your hands on them easily.


A chair is especially important in your office design. It has to be comfortable and supportive. The comfortable ones that are adjustable for your back and arms are a little more expensive than the ones you can pick up at a yard sale or pull in from the lawn.

Do your research and try out a lot different chairs.

Keep in mind your needs. If you sit for hours make sure you pick one that is designed to support on your back and arms.

Make sure it is adjustable so you can be able to adjust your chair, so you can reach over your projects easily without back and neck strain.

In the end, if you are comfortable and everything you need is in a place where you can get to it easily, you will be able to think clearly, figure out more in less time, easily find things a lot quicker and create faster. Production will increase and so will sales. The time you spend in your new home office will pay off, because you will have all the critical elements that are needed.


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