How To Organize Your Child’s Closet

One of the easiest yet often stressful tasks to accomplish is how to organize a child’s closet. The simple fact is if you can get a place for everything you can get everything in it’s place. Even if you kids closet is small or only a reach in closet you can still take steps to ensure you have it in order and extremely easy to navigate even for your little one.

Step 1

  • First things first clear out the closet and begin by taking inventory of what your child has versus what they need or use. Just like we adults do, chances are there are a host of items, toys or accessories that your child has outgrown or does not want anymore. Donate or hand me down to friends and family. If you need ideas for places to donate children’s clothes click here.

Step 2

  • Measure the closet width and height and pick out a closet organizer that will fit and enable you to compartmentalize in certain area but will also be able to grow and expand with your kids.  You will want a lower rod for hanging items that your child can reach and a higher rod for items you need reach that are extra or not worn as often. Wire closet organizers from Rubbermaid and ClosetMaid can be found online and at your local Home Depot or Target. They are do it yourself closet systems that maximize closet potential.

Step 3 

  • Go vertical and install some shelving at the top of the closet for out of season clothing and storage. Lower shelving can be great for folded items that your children can grab. You can also make sure you invest in some hanging storage like a shoe organizer and storage cubes. Cubes are great for stacking on the upper shelves and organizing toys other accessories. These are great for hanging from the closet door or from the closet rod itself. The key is to get everything off the floor and in a visible location.

Step 4 

  • Be sure to have plenty of small plastic hangers instead of wire hangers. They are better for keeping the children’s clothes in proper shape and not damaging them. While your at it organize clothing by type. For example put all the shorts together and put all of the hanging items in the same spot so you and your child know where to look.

Step 5

  • Show your child how and what to fold properly. Items that are neatly folded take up half the space that bunched up crammed items do and it let’s them learn how to respect their clothing and living space.

Step 6

  • Invest in a wardrobe or armoire for your child’s bedroom so you can store socks, underwear and folded shirts and shorts. This will allow much more room for bulkier items in the closet like jackets sweaters.


  1. Invest in a laundry hamper for your children so they learn to put their dirty clothes in it rather than tossing them on the floor of the bedroom or closet.
  2. When setting up the closet organizer for your child be sure to allocate things they use often at eye level for them so they can reach and see what they will need. If they can’t see it then they will either forget about it or constantly be asking you to find a certain item.
  3. Buy a trash can that is fun and encouraging to them so the learn to throw away trash rather than leave it lying in the bedroom or closet. Cleanliness is next to godliness, teach them this.


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