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garage organization tips


Along with your closets, your garage probably gets utilized heavily for storage - but the clutter has a habit of taking over every available space you can find for it and resisting your best efforts to keep it under control. The garage in particular presents a number of challenges, especially if you need room for your vehicles in addition to storage.

Before your house starts to look like a candidate for the TV show “Hoarders” - there’s always plenty of options for organizing the various areas of your home including the garage.

Planning, planning, planning

It’s not going to get you anywhere if you simply relocate things from one area of your home to the garage without any thought beforehand. Ideally, you should be shooting for the following goals:

  • Items you don’t use very often out of the way but easily accessible
  • Similar items grouped together
  • Efficient placement of items
  • Using as little space as possible
garage storage ideas


Arranging your Garage

The way you arrange your garage is going to make all the difference in the end when it comes to keeping it organized in the future and preventing “clutter creep” from overwhelming you again. No more tripping over bikes or paint cans. Once you get the garage in order, maintaining it can be a much easier task, especially if you have the right organizational tools in place.

  • If you keep your garbage cans in the garage between pickups, keep them near the garage door so you have a clear path to bring them in and out
  • Use the wall space to hang smaller items like gardening tools while you can take advantage of the ceiling space for larger items. Avoid using floor space as much as possible so you have plenty of room to move around, allow for easy clean-up of spills and minimize potential water damage from floods or leaks
  • Prioritize placement of items you use regularly so you can get to them easily
  • Invest in garage storage organizers like racks, shelving and cabinets

How to Store and Organize Garage Items

Once you have an arrangement in mind for the garage, your next step is to decide how you want to store and organize everything for the best effect:

  • Utilize pegboard or slatwall for hanging items you use frequently
  • Overhead garage storage racks can be mounted on the ceiling, allowing for easy storage of large items and/or items you don’t use frequently
  • Garage organization systems by Rubbermaid called “Fasttrack” are perfect for getting items off the ground and arranged neatly
  • If you store paint, gasoline or other hazardous chemicals in the garage - consider keeping them in a secure cabinet so they’re safe from accidental spillage, sparks or small children/pets who might get into them.

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