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I recommend the above garage storage system by Rubbermaid

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The garage is thought of as the “man’s cave” and for all intensive purposes it is. However we all know that the garage could always use some tlc and that is where a woman’s touch could be just the right ingredient.

The garage is the main storage area for the home which includes tools, seasonal storage and automobiles of course. The key is getting a garage set up so it is in complete order and you know where everything is. Let me try and show you some inexpensive ways to get your garage organizing issues eliminated.


If you want something done right and cheap, you gotta do it yourself!


DIY garage organizers are an excellent solution to a problem that haunts us all at one time or another. The garage is generally a big area that can be a clutter zone if not handled properly. Like the closet, a garage takes a lot of abuse when it comes to storage and organization. With the right tools (literally) you can transform your garage into a well groomed organized storage area.

Pegboard - Invest in some inexpensive peg board ($35) or less at Home Depot, Lowe’s or online at Amazon or Wall utilization is key so using peg board will get garden tools, power tools, organizing tools, brooms, shovels etc. off the floor and in plain view.

Shelves - Get some garage shelving above the peg board for more storage, just be sure you have a ladder or step stool to access it. You can purchase plastic, wood or metal shelving from a home improvement store or buy the wood and build them yourself.
Holeyrail, Garage Organizer, Garage Organizer, 8 Foot, Industrial Quality
Jars/Plastic containers - These days plastic storage is everywhere you look. Reuse plastic storage from food and other products to organize your garage in a costly manner. Jars from pickles, jelly etc.. make great storage solutions for things like nails, screws and other small items that need a home.
Organize Your Garage With Plastic Storage Cubes


Hooks - A hook in the garage could be the single most effective organizing tool you can have. Rubberized j-hooks and s-hooks that screw into the wall and ceiling can accommodate everything from garden tools to bicycles and kids ride on toys. Hooks are great for getting things off the ground and out of the way of traffic.

NOTE: Hooks are by far one of the best organizing tools I own.

Garage cabinets - Pre-made plastic cabinets can be found at home improvement centers and hold just about anything you can think of. Rubbermaid has a line of plastic storage cabinets for the garage. They come equipped with thick plastic shelves, drawers and a locking door for safety. Store everything from tools and rags to automotive and household cleaning supplies.

Build your own garage storage cabinet out of sturdy wood if you don’t want to purchase a plastic version.


  1. Look around the house for unused furniture like an old bookcase or table that you were wanting to get rid of. Use it to your advantage and store items in them. The table could be used as a workbench. Old bookcases are great garage shelving substitutes. Set it up in the back of the garage or in a corner and store anything from cleaning or automotive supplies to power tools or hardware.
  2. Go to a garage sale or Thrift store (click the link to find one in your area) and look for garage organizing products you can use. Write down ahead of time what it is you need and see if you can get something similar to help you. Garage and yard sales are great for finding inexpensive products that are still in great condition.
  3. Get online. A couple of sites to look at are Craigslist and Both offer “free stuff” in your local area by narrowing your search to your city or town. I have seen people just offering to give away a host of items on Craigslist just because they want rid of them. This happens daily so maybe you can get some much needed garage organizing supplies from one of these two online sources.


If you have read any of my posts then you know I love Rubbermaid storage and organizing products. Here are a few of Rubbermaid’s garage organization products (and my personal favorites) that will help transform the messiest garage into a workable living space.

  1. Fast Track garage organization system - You can purchase this kit in a number of options including 5,6 and 8 piece kits. They come with a rail and hooks that store everything from garden tools to electric cords starting at under $40. There are optional two and three handle hooks to maximize storage potential.
  2. Resin Cabinets - the 24 inch wall mountable cabinet helps create more of what you need, storage. It comes with a fixed and adjustable shelf and the whole thing snaps together - no tools required. You can’t beat that! Under $90 if you so choose but can go up to $200 if you want more storage area.



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