Cheap Do It Yourself Bedroom Closet Organizers Ideas That Achieve Total Closet Organization

Closet organizers are typically expensive and deciding is difficult because there are so many different models to choose from. Organizing your closet doesn’t have to involve expensive custom closets or installs but rather it can be a do it yourself project for the do-it-yourselfer that likes to organize personally.

There is no sense in paying a professional when you can do it yourself for a third the price. Finding things easy and quickly in the closet is a stress prohibitor which makes for a great start to the day. Here are some tips and closet organizers do-it-yourself brands that lead the way.



Utilize the vertical aspect of your closet and store seasonal items and things like shoes and jackets in stackable clear plastic storage boxes that not only maximize floor space but also utilize closet shelving. Sort through items and rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year. Donate to help others out or sell them online at places like Ebay.

    •  Organize like items together - Assess your closet with everything out of it and decide how you want it to look. as hanging items like suits, dresses, jackets and pants. Ensure they hang high enough without touching the ground on space saving hangers. Place foldable clothing like sweaters and jeans on closet shelving so they avoid creases.


    • Avoid hanging bulky items  like jackets and sweaters as they take up too much room.  Coordinate style and color  such as hanging short sleeve and long sleeve shirts by light to dark or vice versa.


    • Don’t stack too high - Folded items need not be stacked too high to avoid tipping over. Things like sweaters and jeans need not be more than 5 high otherwise they become difficult to grab without tipping the whole stack over.



    • Shoe storage can be accomplished a number of ways but one I highly recommend is over the door shoe organizer racks. They take up no closet space and and are convenient to access usually holding about 15 pairs of shoes. If you have double doors then buy 2 and store 30 or more pairs shoes.


    • Another option is to use clear shoe boxes for closets that have no doors or only utilize sliding doors which cannot be hung on. An easy way to identify what is inside is to take pics of your shoes and attach to the front of the shoe box.


    • If you have boots (and we women always do) then try using under the bed shoe organizers to get them out of the closet and free up much needed floor space.


    • Finally go with a plastic storage container or even try canvas storage bins for small seasonal flip flops and open toed sandals.



DIY closet organizers can be costly given the variation of materials, time and installation involved so picking the right system is crucial to your success and your budget.

    •  Plan out your closet by assessing your closet dimensions. Measure wall to wall and even experiment with an online closet design tool for getting an accurate idea of what system would work best. Envision how you want your closet laid out and where you want your items placed in your do-it-yourself closet organizer.


    • After you decide how you want your closet to look you need to decide if you want a wire coated closet, fiberboard or solid wood closet organization system. Closet organizing kits come in an array of options including wire and fiberboard which are easily assembled by you. If you want custom wood then you need a professional unless you have decent carpentry skills in which case you can build your own custom closet organizer at an affordable price.


    • Installation can be tricky but make sure you have all the necessary tools and instructions needed to complete the job successfully.  TIP: Tools needed include a power drill, screwdriver, tape measure, level and hammer. Be sure you have all the parts you need in a kit and shelving separates.



Commercial closet organizers can be pricey and not practical for your budget. Closet shelving systems can be made to completely organize your closet. A simple closet shelving unit can do wonders for a cluttered closet.

Brick and Board Shelving - Not used much in the recent day and age but a great economical way to create closet shelves in your bedroom closet is stacking brick and board closet shelving. Bricks or various concrete blocks are stacked height wise and a wooden shelf is placed in between two of them. This is repeated until you get the amount of shelving you desire.

Hanging Closet Shelves  - Hanging closet shelving is an often overlooked way of organizing a closet. They are not made for heavy items but perfect for things like shoes, sweaters and other folded clothing.

To build your own hanging shelves try cutting 1 by 1 foot squares and make sure you take into account the weight so you dont have to heavy of a hanging shelf with contents included. Next measure from the floor or desired height to about 14 inches below the closet rod to give you an idea of how many shelves you want to mount.


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