7 Closet Storage Tips For The Home

No matter how big the space is, extra closet storage will always be an advantage. Be it in the kitchen, in the laundry room or even in the bedroom. Things will eventually pile up with frequent shopping so it is best to keep additional wardrobe storage space and solutions. It is not important to have really big wardrobe closets, however what is essential is that the closet in question has an effective closet storage solution.


Since each and every person has a unique need to store and minimize clutter, it would be great to take advantage of closet organizers that create storage for the closet that fits your needs and preferences. There is also special closet lighting available that highlights the favorite spots in the closet. It is not a necessity but having good illumination in the closet can help find things easier.

Still living at home? If you are then your storage capabilities are rather limited to your room only and this could pose as a problem most especially if you are in the habit of keeping all your things since first grade. Over the years, you have accumulated more than your fair share of odds and ends and your room ends up looking a third class warehouse than a twenty five year old’s bedroom.

So what should you do to keep your mess at a minimum? Here are some practical closet organization tips that will help you restore order in your inner sanctuary.

1. It’s time to get rid of old clothing. Come on, what are you going to do with your first communion dress or the dress that you wore to your JS promenade? Are you planning to have your first born kid wear them when the time comes? There are some things worth keeping and these two do not belong to that category. The most practical thing that you should do is to dispose of old stuff that you have truly outgrown to make room in your closet.

2. Put all your seasonal clothes in a garment bag, seal it (make sure it’s mice and cockroach proof) and store them in your attic or basement. If your closet organization system can still house your seasonal clothes, designate the farthest corner of your closet for them.

3. Never mix your clean clothes with clothes that you have intended to wear again. This is most especially true with jeans or pants. There should be a separate rack for these. Only clean clothes should be put inside the storage closet.

4. The closet should be clean all the time. It should smell good too. Avoid having a musty smell inside your closet by putting lavender candles or soap chips inside.

5. It’s better to have a sliding closet rod inside the closet for your pants. Also invest in many heavy duty clothes hangers since hanging clothes would make it easier for you to maintain order and cleanliness inside your wardrobe storage armoire. Gowns, dresses and easily creased clothes should be hung.

6. Fold clothes in uniform sizes and arrange them by color as well. They’re more pleasing to the eye when arranged that way and can be placed on closet shelves or in storage boxes.

7. Another good investment would be enough shoe boxes to house your shoes. Rule of thumb would be one shoe box for every pair of shoes. You can arrange them by color (lightest shade to the darkest hue) or by category (flats, sneakers, wedges, platforms, stilettos and boots). Closet shoe organizers are perfect for any part of the closet. storage cubes make great shoe storage options.


There are a lot of closet organizer systems available on the market and choosing the right equipment and tools can help minimize clutter and add appeal to your storage closet system. There are hangers, hanging hooks, shoe racks or trees, shelves and stackable storage cabinets that are very affordable to check out. It is good to find time browsing for options that will fit your budget. It will never be a waste of time, effort and money to have a well-organized closet storage organizer.

Sometimes one can find better deals on the internet without having to go to any thrift stores. There is a huge selection of closet organizers that are easy to install and easy to order in the World Wide Web. There are also online testimonials and reviews about the products so one can easily find a tried and true tested closet storage system.

There is no better time than now to start organizing your closet and investing into having a clean and neat wardrobe to create a positive feeling. Closet organizers have been around for years but many of us fail to take advantage or see the need. There is a certain kind of vibrancy in the atmosphere if the surroundings of the home are clean. Your whole mood depends on it whether you realize it or not.

It will be carried on during the rest of the day so better start the day right and have a neat and orderly ambiance. It is good to stay organized in and out of the work stations because it will greatly reflect one’s personality. Having a busy work life can never be a good reason not to stay organized. In fact, it will really help in finding things easier when always on the run.

Closet organizing ideas are a dime a dozen so if you are having trouble deciding how to get rid of the clutter that is your closet then go to your local home improvement store and check out their selection of home organization solutions. Closetmaid and Rubbermaid both have an entire section dedicated to getting your closet storage and organization under control starting today! No matter what closet in the home you are needing to clean up Closetmaid and Rubbermaid closet organizers can get you there.

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