The Ultimate Guide To Shoe Organization

Al women have a shoe fetish, just ask your wife or mom. However some men have the same affliction and if you are going to have a hobby you need to be able to keep it under control. According to women own an average of 11 pairs of shoes. Frankly I find that number to be a little low (more like 15-20) but who’s counting. So how many shoes do you own?

To women shoes are like the complement to an already stunning outfit. Without a good pair of shoes to match it is like driving a beautiful clean car with dirty unattractive wheels. Shoes not only complete an outfit but they make a woman feel sexy and put together.

ClosetMaid 15-Cubby Shoe Organizer, White

Closets are the storage place for all of our clothing and accessories, especially shoe collections and if you have a huge selection of shoes then a closet shoe organizer is an absolute necessity.


“You can buy a shoe organizer for less than a pair of new kicks”

Why you need shoe organizers

Going gag over shoes but running out of places to store them? Many are experiencing the same sentiments both men and women.

When collecting more and more shoes becomes so irresistible without wanting any of them to get damaged and scattered all over the room, it’s time to consider installing a shoe organizer system.

    Do you ever make these statements?

  • “I can never find the pair of shoes I want to wear”
  • “I am missing the matching shoe, it is so frustrating”
  • “I keep tripping over my shoes when I walk in the closet….Im gonna break my ankle”

These 3 If’s will help you decide what style organizer you need for your shoes:

  1. If you have tons of floor space then opt for a freestanding shoe storage organizer.
  2. If you have a small walk in closet then go for a shoe rack 
  3. If space is non existent then opt for an hanging shoe organizer or an under the bed storage organizer

So I wanted to eliminate the clutter and help rectify my own shoe fetish by researching the various shoe organizing options. I hope this helps you decide what is best for your closet and budget as I have laid it all out for you plain and simple.

These are our top rated over the door shoe organizers

Click images for details

Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer/Storage RackWhitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, White, 36-PairWhitmor 6082-13 Natural Linen Soft Storage Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer


Shoes can be stored either in a box or rack on the floor. But if the room does not have the luxury of lots of space, then getting a hanging shoe organizer is the perfect solution.

Also called Hanging Shoe Storage. As the name suggests, this type is hung on the door, freeing up floor space and thus reducing clutter. It can be hung by using two hooks. It can keep a dozen or more pairs of shoes. You can also hang small items such as CDs, hats, books, jewelry, kids toys and so much more.

These options can be hung over the door or on the closet rod itself and many are multi-functional meaning they can be used to store other things like kids toys and accessories like jewelry.

Here are the 4 best hanging shoe organization options for under $30 with at least a 4 star reviewer rating!

Brand Whitmor Over-the-door shoe rack Richards Over the door shoe organizer Ikea Skubb Hanging Shoes Organizer Rack Honey-Can-Do Over The Door Shoe Organizer/Storage Rack Rubbermaid 3F20 Configurations 20-Pocket Shoe Organizer
Storage Capacity Holds 36+ pairs Holds 12+ pairs Holds 30+ pairs Holds 24+ pairs Holds 20+ pairs
21″ W x 76″ L
6.6 pounds
70″ L x 18″ W
1.7 pounds
47″ L x 6″ W
5 pounds
58″ L x 20″ W
1.6 pounds
62″ L x 28″ W
1.5 pounds
Options Versatile folding bars
Easy assembly
Non slip door pads
Scratch resistant
24 pocket organizer
4 metal hooks for hanging
Clear plastic for visibility
Easy touch and close fasten

Durable Polyester
24 pocket shoe organizer

20 pocket organizer
Stain resistant lining
Use behind closet door
Made of durable canvas
Lowest Online Price $27.54 $11.21 $9.99 $17.99 $17.47



A “shoe cubby” organizer is a box or cube looking shoe organizer that is typically made of canvas, poly panel, wood or a wood laminate.

Shoe storage cubes can store 30 or more pairs of shoes at a time. This is one of the most common and effective ways to store your shoe collection.

Here is my finding on the shoe cubby with reviews:

Positive Reviews:

  • It has an open front design, so at a glance you can look at your shoes and make your choice quickly.
  • Thanks to ClosetMaid, Rubbermaid and Honey-Can-Do shoe organizing does not have to be difficult and can spruce up a closet as well.
  • Easy to assemble with a screwdriver
  • Come in a vast array of colors to match any home decor (maple, oak, espresso, white etc..)
  • The top surface can be used for extra storage or decor such as candles, pictures etc…

Negative Reviews:

  • They tend to take up too much floor space
  • Larger (mens) shoes tend to take up one cubby per shoe
  • Dirt accumulates in the cubby around the shoes so regular cleaning is necessary

I know from personal experience that each cubby is different but the ClosetMaid cubby’s hold a pair of average sized shoes comfortably in each cubby hole.

These are my 4 “best rated” shoe cubbies for any home in need of shoe organization

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 Prepac Sonoma 3-Cubbie Bench, BlackClosetMaid 15-Cubby Shoe Organizer, WhiteHoney-Can-Do SHF-01794 6 Storage Cubes, Stacking Wire Cube SetClosetMaid 893700 9-Cube Laminate Organizer, Espresso


Racks for shoes don’t always work for all types of shoes (stilettos) but they are perfect for lightweight footwear like sandals and flip flops and just about any other type of shoe you can think of. These racks can hold not only footwear, but caps, scarves and other accessories.

Here are several of my favorite closet shoe racks that range in price from $15 to $$60 with their advantages and disadvantages. I have researched all of the internet to find these top of the line economical shoe racks for your closet.

Positive Reviews:

  • No tools for super easy assembly
  • Units are stackable
  • Ajustable shelving

Negative Reviews:

  • 6″ + heels tend to be an issue
  • Plastic clips to hold shelves can sometimes  break easy if not handled with care
  • Watch for wood splintering in wood shoe racks




A new trend coming out, under the bed shoe organizers make good use of the space under the bed for your shoes—whether they may be stilettos, boots, sneakers or dress shoes. They can store up to 12 pairs of shoes and keep them free from dust and dirt.

It is the best choice for tiny rooms and limited spaces. Most under the bed shoe storage are made of breathable fabric as well as plastic, nylon or vinyl.

Positive Reviews:

  • Hold at least 12 pairs of shoes
  • Clear see thru top (most brands)
  • Easy transport carry handles
  • Easy to clean
  • All are priced under $20
Negative Reviews:
  • Seems to be a bit flimsy (for canvas models)
  • Handles are poorly sewn (handle with care)
  • Dividers don’t seem to be as sturdy on some models
Here are my 4 “best rated” underbed shoe storage options click images for details

DAZZ Underbed Shoe Storage with Cedar, Natural CanvasRubbermaid 3F19 Configurations XL 42-Inch Three-Handle Low-Profile Box with Cedar Inserts, NaturalDAZZ Jumbo Underbed Storage Box with Cedar, Natural CanvasUnderbed Storage Chest - Black


If your closet or room’s floor space is already too full to accommodate your shoes, the solution is to go vertical. Shoe trees are installed and go from floor to ceiling. They are sturdy constructions that are often made of stainless steel. They can be portable if need be and hold up to 36 pairs of shoes (most models). Companies like Whitney Design and Household Essentials have several options to choose from.

Positive Reviews:

  • Rack level adjustability is great
  • Revolving shoe tree is awesome
  • Excellent for any size shoes (children, men)
  •  Great space saver
Negative Reviews:
  • Can see the bottom of your shoes when hung on the tree
  • Tends to be wobbly on carpet
  • The slots seem to be too close together


One of the latest designs for closet shoe organizers is the popular shoe spinner. The spinning shoe holder can keep up to 40 pairs of shoes depending on models. To access it, you can rotate it 360 degrees. It may not be able to fit all your shoes, but at least you can store your favorite pairs so finding a pair of your favorites takes no time at all.

Shoe storage spinners are the perfect way to maximize space and save you plenty of time. It doesn’t hurt that it looks beautiful too in my opinion.

Note: Some shoe racks are also spinners and rotate up to 360 degrees

Positive Reviews:

  • Assembly is super easy (no tools required)
  • Takes up very little floor space
  • Great time and space saver
Negative Reviews:
  • Can be unstable on soft surfaces such as carpet



I love “shoe shelves” because they can be pulled out to store your shoes. It can basically accommodate whatever style of shoes, as long as it fits. You can even store accessories, scarves and other items should you choose.

Click images below for more information


 Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer/Storage RackWhitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, White, 36-PairSeville Classics Resin-Wood Composite Utility Shoe Rack


So what are the advantages of using a shoe closet organizer?

  1. Easy access is the name of the game when you are dealing with the closet. We want to put on things appropriate for their activities and this does not exclude the shoes. Putting on several pairs of shoes before picking the perfect pair results in a cluttered unorganized closet having jumbled piles of shoes on the floor.
  2. Maintaining well-organized shoes with shoe organizing options makes it easier to identify the perfect shoes to wear for a particular outfit and occasion. It is easier to check the condition of the shoes from time to time, immediately spotting damages and dirt.

Frustration free life is what I aim for and that is what closet organizers offer. When we are getting late for work, we rush, and it seems very obvious how frustrating it is to be searching for a shoe and it is nowhere to be found.

Organized shoes look very neat inviting us to wear them more! Never turn lovely shoes into eyesore. Having a busy lifestyle is not an excuse to keep jumbled shoes.Closet organizing shoes only requires new habit and routine and investing on a perfect closet shoe organizer. Storage cubes are a great way to help establish some order in your shoe closet organization routine.

Surveys show that an average person owns about 4 pairs of shoes at any given time. In a person’s lifetime, there could be about 10 or more shoes stored in a shoe organizer. Those figures are only for one person. Imagine if you live with your family and there are five of you owning at least 3 pairs of shoes each. That spells shoe rack disaster—a cluttered pile of different kinds of shoes, sandals, or stilettos. Not to mention the possibility of foul odor seeping through the different parts of the home.

Good thing you can prevent all of those problems with a simple closet shoe organizer. Various types of shoe organizers are available in the market nowadays. These closet organizers are made of different materials, among which the most popular are wood and metal organizers. Variations come in lightweight, aluminum and fabric organizers which are both sturdy and affordable.

Perfect for families who are on a tight budget but needs to get the house clean and organized. Also, the fabric shoe closet organizers are made with easy to clean fabric such as vinyl or polyester. These shoe organizers for closets are great for busy people and families who do not have much time to clean the corners of the shoe racks.