How To Use Closet Shelving To Get Organized

Why is closet shelving important and what is the best material for creating one? No house is ever big enough to accommodate every item that each family member brings home. Attics and closets are full of different items from those with sentimental valuables to souvenirs that were bought during trips. The hardest part about closet organizing is finding the best tools to help us accomplish our task while not taking up any extra space. Closet shelves are the perfect answer and shelving plays a huge role in this. These are the flat pieces of glass, wood, or steel which are placed horizontally on your closet wall. Obviously, these shelves are made for the sole purpose of creating more storage room inside reach in or walk in closets.

The more shelves there are inside a closet, the more that a closet will be able to accommodate and store various “stuff” inside. It is also very strategic to put lots of these shelves inside one’s closet since it provides more room to store a variety of items. It is best to vary the distance of one board from the next board in order to make room for things of various heights and widths.

Another important thing to remember with regards closet shelving systems is the material used to create it. The most common materials in creating such are glass, wood, and steel. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages which we compared below:


The great thing about glass is that it is easily cleaned even with simple tap water. Glass also provides vibrance to a house. It is a great material for homes with modern minimalist themes. On the other hand, glass can sometimes be fragile. Closets which are low enough to be reached by children should take caution to avoid incidents. Glass may be used for top shelves, corner shelves, and kitchen counter tops.


Wood gives off the feeling of that log home living although a lot of houses use wood furniture even without this theme. Good, solid wood such as mahogany or maple look great when made into furniture. Surely, these wood closet shelving types and other similar wood are great materials for creating shelves. The down side of using wood is that it costs more than steel and glass since there is less hardwood that can be taken from the forests.


Steel looks very modern and a lot of people find it easy to blend steel with the rest of the house furniture. It is also hardy and is cheaper than wood so it offers a great bargain between affordability and quality. The only downside of steel is that it might corrode after a period of time and it is extremely heavy so mounting can be a bit of a task.


Wire closet shelving systems made by Closetmaid or Rubbermaid are hugely beneficial to any closet organization system. Both companies have closet organizers that used coated wire for shelving and hanging all in one. They are DIY organizers and anyone can install them super easy and cheap!


The key to shelving is planning and choosing just the right closet shelving systems to organize the mess and still stay within your budget. Start with a list of the things you will be organizing so you will be able to get an idea of what type of closet storage shelves you will need. Remember to keep in mind the type of items you are organizing.

No matter what your organizing needs are there is a wide variety of styles of closet shelving systems to choose from. Designing, planning and installing just the right closet organizer will organize that mess disastrous mess.

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