How To Install A Closet Rod

Closet rods are thick poles that are used to hold up hangers in a closet. While there may be other uses, this is the primary purpose. There are a variety of closet organizers available today; closet rods and brackets have been thoroughly tested, are easy to obtain, are easy to install, and inexpensive.

Materials and Finishes

The rod and installing hardware come in a variety of materials from wood to metal; and in a variety of finishes from chrome to wood painted in any color. If you chose to paint them, the rod can coordinate with the room. This makes for an inexpensive and designer touch in your home.

Equipment for Installation

There are only four items needed for installation:
1. The closet rod itself, this is the pole or dowel on which the hangers rest.
2. The flange set or closet rod bracket, this is what the rod rests in and holds up the rod.
3. The screws, these attach the rod flanges to the wall.
4. Screwdriver, for screwing in the screws.

You may also want a drill and appropriately sized drill bit to make started holes for the screws. This is not required but may make installation easier. As with all closet organizers you want to make sure everything is level and tightly secured to the studs.

Another thing to consider is marking where you want the adjustable closet rod located. This may require a measuring tape and pencil. There are more sophisticated methods; this is the most basic. A level is another tool that can assist with determining the final location of the closet rod support.

Before purchasing a hanging or pull down closet rod, you need to know how long of a piece you need. Determine the length needed; bring that measurement to the hardware store. Most stores will cut the pole to the length needed or have a saw available for you to use.

Finally, a stud finder is another tool that will make this project more successful. While not essential, it is beneficial to put the bracket in studs. Most double closet rods become overburdened with hangers and weight; installing the flanges into studs allows the closet rod brackets to hold the weight without collapsing.

How to Install
1. Determine and mark where the closet rod height will be located.
2. Make pilot holes for the screws.
3. Install the flanges and brackets.
4. Set in the closet rod.

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