The Effectiveness Of Closet Organizing Systems

Posted by Court in closet organizer systems

The high cost of construction requires more streamlined designs which often cuts down on the size of closet and storage spaces in the home. This fact necessitates making the most of the closet space included in a home. If you have more clothes, linens, shoes, hats, coats and other accessories than easily fit into the available space, you may want to consider closet organizing systems. Such closet systems allow you to put more items into small closet space by dividing the space into areas with closet shelving.

Effective closet organizing systems begin with cleaning out and de-cluttering the closet. Separate all the clothes and accessories into three categories; those worn frequently, those worn only a few times in the past year and those seldom if ever worn over the past year. Donate the last category, bag up and store the second category and then plan areas to display the first category for easy access.

The planning stage of closet organizer systems requires measurements of the closet space, sections separated by type of clothing or accessories and an estimation of how much room each type of item will require. Drafting a plan on graphing paper helps one to visualize what the finished project will look like and ensures that he/she purchase the correct amount and types of shelving.

The type of shelving used in a closet organizers system depends on your budget. The cheapest shelving is a wire closet organizer system which can be mounted to closet walls in two ways. One system utilizes clips to attach individual shelves to the walls and the other uses a central track system which allowing you to move the height of each shelves to suit your needs. System components also come in wood although this cost more.

Once a closet organization system has been bought, you install the systems. The clips or tracks for closet systems are installed first. A track requires a second person to hold the track level while you place screws into the closet studs. Next hang the shelves and hanging rods. Install two sizes of hanging rods, one for longer skirts or dresses and the other for blouses, slacks and shorter skirts.

The closet shelves are great for folded clothes as well as storage cubes or boxes that hold seasonal items. If the system contains drawers they should be placed in the middle of the closet for quick, easy access. Top the closet organizers off with a shoe rack or basket and you have a well thought, organized storage space.