How To Use A Closet Organizer System To Organize Closets Effectively

Having a system to manage your wardrobe makes your life so much easier, less stressful and much less complicated. Investing in a closet organizer in your home will allow you more time for the important things, like family. Closet organization is essential when it comes to your home considering we neglect our closets day in and day out. This is where closet organizers become our best friend in the world. While many of us may have a closet system in place be it storage cubes or a closet rod and shelving, the question really becomes, do you know how to use it effectively?

1. Clean out your closet completely! This means get rid of items you don’t need or wear anymore and either donate, sell or simply give away to a friend. Closet clutter is no laughing matter and most of the time it is items we hang on to but really never intend to wear again - sentimental value only.

2. Assess your closet and decide what you can install or utilize for a closet organizer. What will your budget allow you to do. If your closet is a reach in the perhaps you need a do it yourself wire system that can easily be installed by you or your significant other. ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid are the two companies that make closet organizing simple. Measure your dimensions and use one of their interactive online websites to design your own closet system. You can have it shipped to your home and never leave the house - Amazing!

3. Decide on the closet organizer system you want and install it. This can be wire, plastic or even a rod with closet shelving and drawers. Add some storage cubes and racks to help with shoes, seasonal items and the like. Box storage is wonderful for keeping like items together but out of the way. Hang a couple of rods and the store plastic bins underneath for safe but easy picking.

4. Start filling the closet back with items in their designated places. Hang the wrinkle free items like slacks, blouses and dresses on their designated closet rod. If you bought storage racks or shoe bins then arrange shoes from most worn to never worn in order. Keep outfits together if you can. Depending on the kind of closet organizer your purchase will allow you freedom to expand and consolidate.

5. Finally see to it everything has a home and fits nicely. If you find out you don’t have enough room for some things like shoes or smaller items. Purchase an underbed storage cube that will allow you to house other seasonal items like bathing suits, sweaters, t-shirts and other gear.


Of all the closet organization systems, the plastic coated Wire closet organizers are the most practical for many reasons. They are very strong, being able to hold different types of goods securely. They are neat, easy to clean and allow a clear visual of what you have stored in each place within your closets and they are inexpensive.

This makes them suitable for bedroom closets, kitchen, pantry, linen closet, laundry storage, garage and basement organization. Because of the huge range of styles, you can customize wire organizers to your own particular needs to make the best use of your available space. They are readily available at hardware stores and specialty storage stores, as well as through catalogs and online websites that specialize in closet storage solutions.


You will find a closet organizer to store almost anything you can think of. In bedroom closets there are hanging systems, shelves, tie and belt hangers, shoe storage and a system for anything else you could need to store there. Your clothes are protected by the plastic covering on the wire frames, so there is no chance of damage. The wire racking allows for a good flow of air in the closet which helps to prevent mold and insect damage. Because you choose just what you need, everything in your closet is easy to find.


Kitchen pantries are another great place for closet organizers. The plastic coated wire is easy to clean, doesn’t stain as easily as wood shelves and allows for a good air flow around food to prevent it deteriorating with excess moisture. Because you can choose exactly the pieces you need to store your food and kitchen needs, there is no wasted space and everything is at your fingertips. This will save you considerable time in the kitchen.


Investing in a kids closet organizer especially for the kids bedroom is the way to go for the toys side of things. For these other areas an organizer closet will keep your belongings clean, safe from damage and in a place where they can be found when needed. This will free up a lot of space which can then be used for other purposes like hobbies or a kids-only area. Wire are strong and serviceable and very suited to the garage and basement environment. Choose your storage and organization system with your personal needs in mind and make your life and home clutter-free. This keeps the mind free and clear.

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