5 Types of Closet Lights To Brighten Your Closet

Are you sick and tired of walking into your closet and not being able to find anything? Closet lighting is a problem that many do not address but I bet on more than one occasion it could have saved you from embarrassment at work. There is nothing worse than two different colored shoes on your feet in public.

Closet lights are too handy to be disregarded. Most closets in many American homes are not lit or insufficiently lit. Before choosing to install lighting, you should do your research and look into several aspects before jumping in.


The incandescent bulb is a popular source of lighting for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Does it mean that it should be perfect for closets as well?

Incandescent bulbs are inconvenient and they consume plenty of electricity. Plus, they can be dangerous. Bulbs can get hot especially when left for a long time—and they will blow up. Closets are filled with inflammable material like clothes, making it a potential health hazard.

closet lighting


Halogen lighting gives off high heat, so if it is used in a small enclosed space like a closet, it can be dangerous and potentially start a fire. Make sure to set it at least 1 ft. apart, flush mounted rather than surface mounted.


Fluorescent lights have lower light temperatures as compared to incandescent bulbs. They don’t generate dangerously high levels of light temperature, Plus they are cost effective. They last longer than incandescent and halogen lights and do not use up a lot of energy.


LED closet lights is a popular choice because it’s beautiful, it’s convenient, and it’s functional. They can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. LED lighting is available in wire, battery or cordless. When not in use, they can be placed in a dock to minimize electricity. Some LED closet lighting can even be portable.

There are also LED smart fixtures, equipped with sound and motion sensor technology, so they automatically turn on when the closet door opens and provide you with the highest light quality possible. The light will automatically turn off after a few seconds if the door is closed, or if the sensor does not detect any more movements and sounds. This is a great way to save light especially in the kid’s closet—they always seem to forget to turn off the lights all the time!


Xenon lighting is emits white light and shows colors to its truest colors. Xenon light emits a lower heat temperature than other kinds of light bulbs.


LED lighting is the best type of lighting to use in closets. Fluorescent lights are also recommended. Lighting can bring out details in your wardrobe, accessories and jewelry, especially for Xenon and LED lighting.

Try recessed lighting for your closet. It provides a safer but dimmer light—but you don’t need such bright lighting for a closet, anyway. You can store things closer to the ceiling with recessed lighting without the fear of it becoming a potential fire hazard.

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