My Closet Lighting Guide…..Safer, Brighter Ideas & Solutions

What good is a closet if you can’t see it’s contents? The least you can do is consider your closet lighting situation, the most disregarded aspect of your closet. In many situations people tend to rely on the amount of sunlight that shines through the window.

But what if the closet happens to be placed far from the window such is the case at my house. So before it becomes a struggle to find your favorite clothing, TURN THE ClOSET LIGHTS ON! The two main purposes of a good closet light is accent lighting and task lighting.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is a decor option that works by creating a mood or a feeling and shows off a closet organizers interior décor. It’s main goal is to light up a small area of the closet.


Task Lighting

Task lighting, on the other hand, aims to light up an area in the closet where it’s imperative to see what you are doing, for example getting dressed. These lights are generally in a central location to give the ultimate brightness.



If you have in mind an incandescent lamp for your lighting, cut it off! You can’t imagine the hazard it posts to your stuff and to everyone in the house. It is a fire hazard period! And take note that what is inside your closet easily adapts fire.


Halogen Lighting

Halogen bulbs are not preferred in most closets especially small reach in because they get very hot. Bigger walk in closets are the only safe option for this bulb type.


Fluorescent Lights

Using fluorescent closet lighting is the commonly preferred alternative due to it’s energy efficiency. They tend to cost more but last longer. It doesn’t heat up like incandescent or halogen bulbs. It saves energy and emits a brighter more natural light on your closet organizer.

TIP: Leviton makes a thirteen watt fluorescent lighting fixture for closets that produces very low heat. It can be placed within 6 inches of closet shelving

Xenon Lighting

Perhaps the brightest of all light types, Xenon closet lights are a great choice for getting the truest bright white light in your closet. The downside is they do get very hot so a walk in closet is the only preferred application placement. They also safeguard against fading of clothing because they do not give off UV light.

LED Closet Lighting

LED which stands for light emitting diode is the perfect small closet lighting solution. They emit very little heat making them safe for small spaces. An advantage to LED closet lights is they can be battery powered which makes them safer and they don’t have to be professionally installed by an electrician. They also outlast most lighting options making them the most reliable and durable.



There are many types of closet light fixtures available on the market today. You may install battery closet lighting if you really feel the need to be extra cautious. Varieties come in wall mounted and ceiling mounted fixtures. You can also have the choice of stick up, screw on, pull-chain or motion-activated lights. They don’t produce much light but they are inexpensive and so easy to install so you may consider installing more than one for a brighter closet.

Battery powered closet lighting is an excellent choice for do it yourselfers.

If you are using a closet organizers system, you may install closet lights inside them too—this is possible and battery powered LED lights for the closet are the solution in this instance. However, if you always run out of batteries due to its frequent usage, you may opt for a light that automatically turns itself off after a short period of time. This lessens the need to buy a lot of replacement batteries. Or you might consider installing hard-wire lighting.


Wireless Lighting


Wireless closet lights is also an option these days as well as high end closet track lighting. This not only gives your clothes a great spot shot but it also gives your closet some pizazz.


Where to Purchase

There are a host of places to find small or large walk in closet lighting fixtures. Your local home improvement stores as well as local lighting stores have a plethora of options for you to choose from. Online stores are always a good and economical way to purchase.


Whatever your choice, just never neglect the importance of proper closet lighting solutions. It has to be in between you and the contents of the closet; not behind you. Follow the safety guidelines for installing lights for your closet and you’re on your way to a closet that will continually brighten your day!

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