IKEA Wardrobe Closet Furniture Solutions and Options For Your Bedroom

Photo by IKEA.com

IKEA is a privately held company based out of the Netherlands but founded in Sweden and is the worlds largest furniture retailer to date. IKEA is environmentally friendly and is currently the third largest consumer of wood furniture behind Home Depot and Lowe’s respectively according to Wikipedia. Particle board is [...]

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John Louis Home Closet Organizers In A Box With Organizer Accessories

jlh standard closet kit

Some of the prettiest closets you will ever see are made of solid wood. There is simply nothing better and one of the company’s to lead the industry in solid wood closets is John Louis Home. They are found all over North America and if there is not a retailer [...]

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The Big 4 Brand Name Closet Organizers In My Opinion With Closet Organizing Tips

closet organizing systems

Closet organizers are among the most useful and underrated household items one can possess. They help store all your clothes as well as other home goods that need a safe storage place. This way, you control the clutter in your home by keeping your items organized. But contrary to popular [...]

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Learn Why You Should Shop Rubbermaid Closet Organizers & Accessories

Rubbermaid freeslide organizer

Tired of your closet’s dirty look and messy clothes? You need closet organization like most home owners and if your like me and hampered by the current recession then having a custom built closet is just not in the budget. However there are affordable closet organizer kits and accessories that [...]

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Organize With Elfa Closet Organizers

Elfa Closet Organizers

If you are fed up with closet clutter, then it’s time for you to organize with Elfa. Elfa closet and home solutions are among the best in the business. Elfa can be used in any room in the home including closets, pantry, garage and offices. There are a plethora of [...]

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How To Organize Your Closet With Closetmaid Closet Organizers

Who doesn’t want an organized home? The closet happens to be a war zone most of the time and that transcends into other areas of the home. ClosetMaid is the industry leader in closet organization products and their closet systems are everywhere you look. Storage space is usually the culprit [...]

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Closetmaid Closet Systems To Choose From

You can’t go into a home improvement store and not see the brand ClosetMaid. ClosetMaid closet systems provide elegant and stylistic closet organization at a reasonable price. They are synonymous with cost effectiveness and simplistic design. ClosetMaid closet organizers can aid you in planning your closet system beforehand whether it [...]

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