How To Declutter A Child’s Room With A Baby Closet Organizer

One of the first things that should be on a baby shower list is definitely an organizer for their closet. I know its not what you think of at first but with all the excitement its easy to forget that baby closet organization is going to be essential to maintaining a mother’s sanity.

A sense of stress and anxiety sets in and you start to think to yourself, I need to start getting organized with all the baby shower gifts and events coming up. So one of the best things you can invest in for your new addition are closet organizers for kids. Whether you put this on the registration at Baby’s R Us or Target it is definitely a must have when buying essentials for your newborn.

Purge The Closet

First you want to take everything out of the closet so you can start from scratch. Decide how and where you want items to be arranged. For a baby’s closet it is best to keep outfits together. Since items are so small you can really get a lot of stuff in even the smallest of closets.

Baby Closet Systems

A new baby can bring about much concern for space utilization and the best way to go about maximizing the use of space is baby closet systems. Hang multiple closet rods on one side a couple of feet above one another and designate the other side for shelving and a wardrobe armoire or storage cubes. The storage cube can be utilized for seasonal clothing or outgrown clothing and stored on closet shelving as well.

Maximize Space

Another way to maximize space in the baby’s room is to go with a dexbaby Ultimate Closet Organizer that hangs from your existing closet rod and separates shoes, bedding, clothing and even toys so they are easily accessible and neatly arranged for later use. You can find these closet organization systems at any retail department store and also on the internet where there are tons of helpful reviews on all brands.

baby closet organizer

5 Organization Tips

1. Go vertical - hanging closet rods and shelving allows you utilize the entire closet so if you have a small reach in closet then you can maximize little space by going vertical. Kiddie clothes and accessories are very small so space should be easily accommodating.

2. Utilize room beneath shelving for cube storage as previously mentioned. A Cube system comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to not only store clothing but also toys and seasonal items. They are great for all types of home storage.


NOTE: The ClosetMaid 9-Cube Laminate Organizer with fabric drawers is ideal for this area.

3. Take folded items and put them in storage boxes or totes and slap a label on them. These can be put on the top closet shelves getting them off the floor and out of the way.
NOTE: clear plastic storage cubes are perfect for kids clothing and seasonal items because they are transparent, so no label is needed.

4. Purchase an over the door hanging organizer to segregate various baby essentials such as diapers, wipes, lotions, and other various baby care products as well as shoes and socks. These hanging organizers are life and time savers.

5. Put the toys and remaining products that don’t have a home in storage bins underneath the hanging items and tuck them away nicely.

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