5 Interesting Places to Find Alternative Closet Door Handles

When the time comes to re-vamp your home you may find that starting with something as easy as changing yourdoor handles can make a huge impact. With a market that is saturated with options for door handles ranging from antiques to custom made and hitting every price range; it is like a giant playground for redecorating. So where to begin one might ask? Well, in the following article we cover a few of our favorite starting points, but keep in mind that the options are endless.

High street stores

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Depending on how much time or money you have available to spend; you may find simply popping into convenient high street shops such as anthropology or urban outfitters can be a great way to find quirky or vintage replica door handles. With a variety of colours and eclectic styles these type stores offer an easy and affordable way to add a bit of fun or creativity to your space without going overboard.

Bric-a-brac & Antique stores

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For those who have a bit more time to browse around and find the perfect piece we suggest hitting up local bric-a-brac stores or antique shops. Obviously these types store aren’t guaranteed to have what you are looking for and what you find may not all match. But what they lack in consistency they make up for in diversity and originality. Shopping in places like this creates that feeling of being on a treasure hunt, which is half the fun but not necessarily for everyone. So if you choose this route; be sure to bargain with the seller to get the perfect price for that unique piece.

Craft Market

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The once popular craft market is making a huge come back lately and offering loads of handmade and individualized door handles. Whether you find your local craft fair, head out on an adventure to Borough Market or simply enjoy browsing on-line craft stores such as etsy; you are sure to be inundated with charming and whimsical door handles that suit your decorating style.

The dump

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For a more economical option we suggest searching through your local dump or stopping by building sites that are being refurbished and see if you can’t grab the hardware off of old doors or cabinets that would be waste otherwise. Not only is this option easy on the pocket book, but is also a great way to re-use old items, therefore being friendly on the environment. Sometimes what you find may need a bit of a scrub, but with a bit of care may become the talking piece of your home, especially for those who dumpster dived in the process.

Get Creative

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Of course we should not forget those who have the creative gene and could easily put it to use by creating their own door knobs using household items. Sifting through that overflowing junk drawer or rummaging through your garage may be the perfect place to start. Old chubb keys or brass ornaments are always popular ideas for door handles, or for those with children why not try the clever idea of using a stuffed animal for your child’s door handle.

Searching for that perfect accent to a door can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, because there are so many wonderful ideas available. But with this guide hopefully you are able to narrow your search a bit and find exactly what you are looking for. So the next time you think your home could use a face lift, consider if your door knobs are simply practical or if they make a fabulous statement about you and your personal style!

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